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Manage and archive emails / Nostalgy++ for TB78


Great that Nostalgy came back, gladly supported to the bounty.

Anyway, still have a few issues and no other place to report them (or is there a github repo existing now, as promised?)
TB 78.5.0

1. When TB is taking the right 50 % of the screen (WIN-LeftArrow) and pressing "s", the TB window resizes to the right by some 10 pixels, over the edge of the screen. Does not happen when not exactly on the right edge of the screen. Also does not always happen, I assume this is triggered by the slight status bar size change.
2. Add-on Settings cannot be reached, neiter from the add-on managment page, nor from tools->addon settings->nostalgy++
3. The dropdown list is often containing entries from the previous search, but TAB updates the search field correctly and enter moves the mail correctly. Screenshots on request, but I don't know the pattern behind it.