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Google Calendar Tab

Adds a button to open Google Calendar in a new Tab

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PrintingTools NG Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Message & Address Printing Tools (NextGen)

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mailmindr Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Follow up for Thunderbird E-Mails. Lightning or other AddOns are not required. Set a reminder by adding a label or by context menu and let mailmindr remind you.

More information on updates and planned features at

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Purge! Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Add toolbar icons to purge (compact folders) and/or delete junk messages to your toolbar and thread context...

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SendWithoutSubject Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Send without subject and without confirmation alert

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Shedule Filters Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Sheduled run message filters

Запуск фильтров сообщений по расписанию

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my site 1.0

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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Bulk List Filter Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

The Bulk List filter addon provides a set of preconfigured search folders for popular services such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon and more.

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Smilie Inserter Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Insert smilies in messages...

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Restart application Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Restart the application with one click (or Ctrl Shift Z)

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QuickPasswords Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Retrieve your Passwords the quick way! Never retype or display your secure passwords on screen anymore - put the password where you need it - the login form or the clipboard.

Now also includes SSO change (multi-domain pw) and Backup + Restore.

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AutoProxy Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Are you concerned about your privacy? Or, are you blocked from some websites by a firewall? And, are you arming yourself with a proxy? In that case, AutoProxy is designed for you! A tool to help you use your proxy automatically & efficiently.

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Mailing List Manager Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Clean up your Inbox and Organize your Mailing Lists

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Leet Key Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Transforms typed or static text to L337, ROT13, BASE64, HEX, URL, BIN, DES, AES, Morse code, DVORAK keyboard layout and to lower/to upper case functionality, Leet Font...

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Customizable LDAP AddressBook Auto Complete Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Provides (restores) customizability of auto complete items for LDAP addressbook items, and more features.

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Bamboo Feed Reader Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Feed reader | RSS - ATOM - OPML

This extension has NOT been rewritten with the new WebExtensions API (Firefox Quantum).
No future version is planned by the original developer.

Bamboo is still running with Palemoon.

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Mia CRM Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Import mail to MIA CRM

Ei vielä pisteytetty
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Slideshow Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Displays a slideshow of picture attachments. When email has attached pictures, it displays "View as Slideshow" button next to the attachment. Button click pops a slideshow window with all the images, allowing you to zoom in/out, save...

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Jalali Date Format Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Convert Date/Received column to Jalali (Persian Date).

* Adds a column in the mail view for displaying Iranian dates for each email.
* Supports both English and Persian Iranian Date.

more info contact [email protected]

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Layout Switcher Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen

Switches the mail layout to 'wide view' when on a large enough monitor.

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