Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

I've used this add-on really well until now on.
This update will stop me from using it,
But thank you so far:)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1). 

Thanks for the kind words - makes the last 7 years of work worth it. Btw SmartTemplate will not stop you from working with it if you do not buy a standard license, but there may be some mild nagging after the trial period ends. You are also eligible for a free license if you contribute as a developer or translator.

Finding a socially just way of monetization is a delicate balance, if I can convince 20% of my users to help with funding the development in the next year I will be very happy.

If you read the explanation on the contributions page you will see that it will only be more work to keep up with the changes in Thunderbird in the future, which simply cannot be done for free.

I basically spend most of my weekends and a few hours every day with work on my Add-ons; this is partly free support, fixing my own bugs, writing new features, fixing the stuff that Mozilla broke for me and updating the support site. ON top of that I review other people's add-ons for atn (voluntary & unpaid) and advocate for Thunderbird supporting (classic = useful) Add-ons in the future,