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I've used the addon a long time - works fine.

@ tidrug - you mentioned posting steps how to create and use keywords, to specify using a particular search engine for searches from the address bar.

People might appreciate that in light of talk about Mozilla possibly removing the search bar & entire "search box" in future Firefox.

SmilieInserter Plus

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Seems like SI+ v1.11 worked in Linux Tbird 45 & worked well in Vista;
starting in Linux Tb 52, when try to add a SI Plus image using its drop menu, Tb pops a blocked image message at the bottom of composer window.

That message has a preferences button, that would allow unblocking (apparently) only the *specific* smilie file selected. Guessing a new Tb security feature?

But, Tb 52 allows me to drag / drop an SI Plus file directly from its folder (Linux) to the compose window. That doesn't make a lot of sense, since by either method, the location of the file being added is the same.

DownThemAll! AntiContainer

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If the goal is to download from the few sites with included plugins in DTA-anticontainer, it may work. Except sites change their coding constantly. Plugins will need updating - as several reviews mention & support site requests.

If a site doesn't have an included plugin & DTA (by itself) or with DTA-AC still does what you need - great. If not, most users probably won't know how to write plugins that actually work. One reason - scripts & page source for different sites vary a lot.

There is a "tutorial" on writing plugins on the support page - wiki, but examples don't show what data from a site's source was used, or why - to decide what was needed for the plugin. The example plugins just sort of appear - there is some explanation. Not enough for most "technically inclined" users to write their own.

The addon needs detailed examples & step by step instructions - how to look at sites' source code (on sites, R click a page > View Page Source) and explain - based on the page's code - how to decide what's needed in a plugin.
My guess is, users with some knowledge could spend hours writing & troubleshooting one plugin.

The instructions on replacing updated plugins (that aren't yet in official releases) are insufficient for average users to follow. - Under "Pro Tips" at the page bottom.

Developing an * almost * automatic "wizard" to create plugins would be a lot of work. For typical or moderately advanced users, without step by step instructions on writing plugins based on sites' actual source code, this addon may have limited use.

Character Palette

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Like others, I think it'd be better to not have this as a separate toolbar- though that can easily be turned on / off. But I don't see the point of having a full width toolbar & only showing 6 - 7 characters at once. Why all the wasted space? Maybe make it where characters can be copied from drop down list (space them out)?

It'd probably be better as an addon bar button, where the whole palette pops up.
But, if it's much easier to program like you did, OK. Don't know if either method would use less RAM, when not actively using CP.

When I open the CM toolbar (using an Fx light weight theme), the background is the same as background of my theme. That's OK - to a point. Unless using a very solid type background, many of the characters or parts of them are quite small & difficult to see.

You can set a background color for the toolbar using Stylish or a useChrome.css code, but most don't want to hassle w/ it. That may be a good reason to have the character palette pop up from the addon bar, using it's own background that contrasts w/ the characters.

On the Github help site, it says,
[quote]"To add a new palette to the applet, click on the Add button."[/quote]
Really? How do I actually DO that? What format do the "additions" need to be? Can I add whole collections? Where do you get them & what format are they?
Could I add the whole collection from Windows Character Map?

Deselect on Delete

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How long before 1.1b1, that fixes a fairly significant bug, become final? Or status changed to final so MAO can review it?

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Write Area

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I haven't used Write Area - yet. Sorry, but link for support takes me to a 3 yr old blog. I'm not familiar w/ using or posting questions on that type blog (or a topic that old).

Description & screens here don't mention important feature: which code formats will Write Area handle? HTML TAGS & WHICH ones? (just "<b>" or also "<strong>," etc? BB code, HTML (standard) code.

See no mention of these options & how they're chosen. Many small forums now only allow HTML tags. On your blog in comments area, says, "You can use some HTML tags, such as <b>, <i>, <a>."

Those aren't [b]same [/b]tags as many forums support, that use HTML "tags." Those forums are now specifying tags like: <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <blockquote>. Will Write Area handle both "types" HTML tags & are they under DIFFERENT code type options in WA, so it uses the right type HTML tags for a forum? Thanks.

Deselect on Delete

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This addon seems to work so far in TB 11. Only used it short while. This addon (so far) allows NOT automatically displaying the next message, after deleting a message. Say, when the next message is spam, but got into your Inbox. Do you trust TB's "security system" w/ your computer's life?

I can confirm Dragonfire's "bug" (in TB 11.0):
"it only works when you have the message selected and hit the delete button. It doesn't work on TB9.0.1 when delete is selected from the context menu."

If I'm READING a msg &amp; hit del, it doesn't open the next one. If while the message display pane (browser) is empty, I R-click on another msg &amp; select Delete from context, TB DOES display the next msg after that one. So, there are limitations of when v1.0 will / won't work. For now, it only works reliably when using Del key.

Avg users don't know what risks are involved w/ different internet behavior, nor should they have to know it all, in many cases. That's not meant as an insult. Just go to one of many malware removal help forums &amp; see how many people get infections &amp; no idea how. I've never had an infection EVER - over 25 yrs, knock on wood.

The issue of TB advancing to &amp; displaying next message in (Inbox) list after deleting currently viewed message has been debated since 2009 - or before. Some email clients don't show next message in line after deleting one, by default (or didn't used to) or had an option not to.

It is true, Mozilla has increased TB's resistance to infection by simply displaying messages. That DOESN'T mean it is absolutely safe, under all conditions, for ever &amp; ever. BUT... as w/ ALL software, EVERYWHERE, they can NOT predict the next trick hackers will come up w/, no matter HOW much the devs say it's safe. They can ONLY react to new threats, which is what ALL software devs have done - forever, &amp; will continue to do.

For those wanting the next message to display after deleting one, TB devs should add an OPTION FOR that, not make everyone allow that behavior, w/ no way out.

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Please, please fix the bug in v2.0.13 where it adds a duplicate of the last folder in the destination path. It's on your bug list. It's irritating as everything.

If browse to save location of say, C:\Documents\Downloads,
the path DTA saves the file in is

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Change Referer Button

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Follow up: My mistake for misspeaking on needed option to reset the referer header value to what it was after a given time. For some reason, "edit review" wasn't available immediately after posting review on 5/11/11. And now that I added follow up review, I can see "edit this review." Go figure.

In developer's description, says:"(*): if the referer is disabled (code 0) and you are viewing a page which requires the referer to work correctly: click on "Change referer temporarily to 2" to enable the referer (code 2) during 10000ms (by default). During this time, you can reload your page. After the 10000ms, the referer will be automatically reset to its initial value (code 0)."

It does work, IF.. you R click the status icon, then Options, then Accept. It will revert the setting to what it was before after the mSec value shown, although there is no explanation on the option screen what it will do. Probably should have some indication what clicking Accept actually does.The rest of my review still stands. I'll give it a 4 on this update to my earlier review because I can't edit the 1st review.

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Change Referer Button

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Well, it does change refer header setting (currently using FX 4.0.1).
The status bar icon could definitely use some improvement. Due to small icons used in status bar now, it's barely readable. The color of icon changes from red to yel to grn for values of 0,1,2.

The icon is so small, unless you write yourself a note, you'll never remember / see that you changed the setting - assuming you want to reset it, soon after needing to make a change to get a site to work, etc.

There needs to be some option, some way - for those that desire referer header setting to normally = 0, to "remind" that the setting was changed. I find that when have to temporarily change referer header from 0 to 1 or 2, I forget to change it back because the icon is so obscure. (size of icon isn't developer's fault).

Or, have a default setting option that resets to default value chosen, once you've changed it to access a site, then close that page / tab.

Or, an option to have the referer header setting switch back to the selected default value after so many minutes / sec. AFAIK, once you've successfully loaded a page that needs a referer header setting OTHER than 0, changing referer header setting back to 0 won't affect that page.

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Scroogle SSL search

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For v20110225, unless I'm missing the obvious, there's no way to specify a language for search returns. Many searches return 30 - 50% non-English. Surely there must be a way?

(sorry if this double posts - didn't show up 1st time.)

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Scroogle SSL search

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Unless I'm missing something obvious, there's no way to specify what language you'd like search results to be in. Many of the searches I've done return 30 - 50% non -English hits. Surely there must be a way to specify?

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Please update for Firefox 4! It's a great add-on. Used it for quite a long time.