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If the goal is to download from the few sites with included plugins in DTA-anticontainer, it may work. Except sites change their coding constantly. Plugins will need updating - as several reviews mention & support site requests.

If a site doesn't have an included plugin & DTA (by itself) or with DTA-AC still does what you need - great. If not, most users probably won't know how to write plugins that actually work. One reason - scripts & page source for different sites vary a lot.

There is a "tutorial" on writing plugins on the support page - wiki, but examples don't show what data from a site's source was used, or why - to decide what was needed for the plugin. The example plugins just sort of appear - there is some explanation. Not enough for most "technically inclined" users to write their own.

The addon needs detailed examples & step by step instructions - how to look at sites' source code (on sites, R click a page > View Page Source) and explain - based on the page's code - how to decide what's needed in a plugin.
My guess is, users with some knowledge could spend hours writing & troubleshooting one plugin.

The instructions on replacing updated plugins (that aren't yet in official releases) are insufficient for average users to follow. - Under "Pro Tips" at the page bottom.

Developing an * almost * automatic "wizard" to create plugins would be a lot of work. For typical or moderately advanced users, without step by step instructions on writing plugins based on sites' actual source code, this addon may have limited use.