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Moves email into Inbox/RemindMe folder, and moves it back into Inbox after chosen time.

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Přidáno Led. 28, 2023

Additional Info for Simplelogin

For e-mails forwarded by Simplelogin, a pop-up displays the original sender of the e-mail, as well as the alias that the e-mail was sent to and the address that it was forwarded to.

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Přidáno Led. 24, 2023

Instagram video downloader

InstaVideo.Download is the free Instagram video downloader tool to download videos from Instagram.

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Přidáno Led. 20, 2023


Memo with rainbow colors.

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Přidáno Led. 14, 2023


With the filter function comes with thunderbird, all emails met rules will be moved to a specific folder. As time passed the folder would grew bigger and I wanted to put all emails into sub folders classified by year.

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Přidáno Led. 12, 2023

AI Anywhere for ChatGPT

ChatGPT enhancer - adds context menu, keyboard shortcuts, history and more!

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Přidáno Led. 11, 2023


Tile notes, I provide this web app. to Mozilla Thunderbird users.
This is a derivative of RainbowNote, 7 colorful week notes, with tile like shapes.

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Přidáno Led. 8, 2023


Customizable headers for Thunderbird

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Přidáno Led. 6, 2023


SpamTester allows you to test the spam score of your email using popular anti-spam software (SpamAssassin, Rspamd...). This is useful to know if your email will fall into the recipient's spam (or even get your mail server blocked).

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Přidáno Pro. 30, 2022

Simple Template

You will be able to create and automatically insert templates for each account.

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2022

Proton Mail Toolbar Button

Adds a Proton Mail button to the toolbar. The button simply opens a new tab with the webpage.

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Přidáno Pro. 20, 2022

Empty Folder

Adds a keyboard action (Ctrl+Del) and a folder context menu to delete all messages in a folder. Has a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletions

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Přidáno Pro. 19, 2022

Quick Filter By

A simple extension that sets the Quick Filter based on the selected message fields. You can filter by either selecting "Quick Filter By" in the message list context menu or simply by alt-clicking on the message's sender, recipient or subject text.

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Přidáno Pro. 15, 2022


Adding a column with the favicon of sender's domain to the message list

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Přidáno Pro. 11, 2022

@Contact Mention

This add-on mimics the mentions behavior on Outlook when mentioning a contact with the '@' sign. The contact selected is added as a link in the email body as well as to the recipent list of the email.

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Přidáno Pro. 5, 2022

Netiquette Checker

An integrated netiquette checker for EPITA students.

List all the netiquette rules that are not respected when writing an email.

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Přidáno Lis. 30, 2022

YouTube Video Downloader

The Complete Guide to YouTube Video Downloader Converter Tool and How They Can Help You Easily Download and Convert Videos from YouTube.

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Přidáno Lis. 21, 2022

Black Screen

Use black screen test to detect dead pixels, stuck pixels, and other display defects.

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Přidáno Lis. 18, 2022

White Screen

Use white screen test to detect dead pixels, stuck pixels, and other display defects.

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Přidáno Lis. 17, 2022

Dino Game

Play the Dino game from Google Chrome and challenge friends to beat your score.

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Přidáno Lis. 16, 2022