O stránke Doplnky Mozilly

Na čo slúži táto stránka?

addons.mozilla.org, commonly known as "AMO", is Mozilla's official site for add-ons to Mozilla software, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey. Add-ons let you add new features and change the way your browser or application works. Take a look around and explore the thousands of ways to customize the way you do things online.

Kto vytvára tieto doplnky?

The add-ons listed here have been created by thousands of developers from our community, ranging from individual hobbyists to large corporations. All publicly listed add-ons are reviewed by a team of reviewers before being released. Add-ons marked as Experimental have not been reviewed and should only be installed with caution.

Ako môžem sledovať, čo sa okolo AMO deje?

Existuje niekoľko možností, ako sledovať najnovšie správy zo sveta doplnkov:

  • Na náš blog pravidelne pridávame informácie určené pre používateľov doplnkov a ich vývojárov.
  • Často publikujeme novinky, tipy a triky na náš účet mozamo na Twitteri.
  • Naše fóra sú dobrým miestom pre komunikáciu s komunitou okolo doplnkov a diskusiu o nadchádzajúcich zmenách na AMO.

To znie skvelo! Ako sa môžem zapojiť?

There are plenty of ways to get involved. If you're on the technical side:

  • Make your own add-on. We provide free hosting and update services and can help you reach a large audience of users.
  • If you have add-on development experience, become an Add-on Reviewer! Our reviewers are add-on fans with a technical background who review add-ons for code quality and stability.
  • Help improve this website. It's open source, and you can file bugs and submit patches. GitHub contains all of our current bugs, legacy bugs can still be found in Bugzilla.

If you're interested in add-ons but not quite as technical, there are still ways to help:

  • Povedzte svojim priateľom, ktoré doplnky používate.
  • Zapojte sa na našich fórach.
  • Review add-ons on the site. Add-on authors are more likely to improve their add-ons and write new ones when they know people appreciate their work.

Mám otázku

A good place to start is Support Mozilla. If you don't find an answer there, you can ask on our forums.

If you really need to contact someone from the Mozilla team, please see our contact information page.

Kto na tejto stránke pracuje?

Over the years, many people have contributed to this website, including both volunteers from the community and a dedicated AMO team.