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DKIM Verifier Odporúčané

Verifies the DKIM-Signature of an e-mail.

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CardBook Odporúčané

Nový adresár Thunderbirdu založený na štandardoch CardDAV a vCard.

Twitter: @CardBookAddon

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Thunderbird Conversations Odporúčané

This addon provides a conversation view for Thunderbird, grouping messages together and allowing you to reply "inline" thus providing a more efficient workflow.

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FileLink provider for WebDAV Odporúčané

Uploads your large attachments to your WebDAV account instead of sending them by email.

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SmartTemplates Odporúčané

SmartTemplates offers an easy and powerful way to automatically create customized replies by auto-inserting various mail headers. Templates can be created for every mail identity, Stationery files can now be imported and used directly.

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XNote++ Odporúčané

Persistent sticky notes for Thunderbird associated to mails.

In TB 78, you can define the note position in the settings. If you have a large screen, you can even display the notes outside of TB's main window, so it won't hide anything.

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*cloud - FileLink for Nextcloud and ownCloud Odporúčané

Upload large attachments to your Cloud and send the link by email

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Display Mail User Agent T Odporúčané

Displays the mail program with which the selected mail was written

*This addon is compatible with Thunderbird after Web Extesnsions support. Since development and operation check are done on Daily, it may not work on normal Thunderbird.

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AutoarchiveReloaded Odporúčané

Archiviert E-Mails automatisch (Verbesserte Version vom "Autoarchive" Add-on)

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