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British English Dictionary (Updated)

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Yes adding to the previous poster, it's ORGANISATION not ORGANIZATION. Native english speaker living in Britain for all of my 40 years of life, and if you use a Z in -sation words here and they'll look at you funny as a Yank, or as a midatlantic wannabe. A few companies standardise (Not standardize btw) on US English to make the Americans feel at home, but that doesn't mean it's common outside of that business, or acceptable - or even taught like that at school. Whatever the OED may say.

According to Wikipedia this is their own variant, Oxford spelling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_spelling but that does not make it common, only in some areas as detailed there. Yes organize might be understood, and is a variant, but the common version here is organise.

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Used to work on Eudora 8 but not anymore.

Can you fix it or are there any other spam add-ons that work with Eudora 8?


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Can you fix this to work for Eudora 8 latest beta? Weirdly it recommends this as one of the plugins but it doesn't work!

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