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  • This extension allows you to easily insert accented characters as you type in firefox or thunderbird. It is similar to abctajpu (no longer supported). With the default settings, simply press "e" followed by "\" to insert "é" "a\" to insert "à" etc...
    5 użytkowników
  • Autocomplete a list of contacts when sending a message by searching their name in the address book.
    12 użytkowników
  • Modern encryption in Thunderbird

    ** Currently in testing phase **
    What you can do:
    1. Set your secret key in the addon's tab page and acus will automatically decrypt incoming emails
    2. Generate a new key pair
    3. Encrypt plain text
    2 użytkowników
  • Allow the user to configure custom CSS that will be added to messages when edited
    (new, reply and forward). The custom CSS will be added to a newly created <style>
    element in the email's head.
    13 użytkowników
  • Send SMS via sms77
    16 użytkowników
  • CatchAll Bird

    Foldery i filtrowanie
    Oceniono na 5 z 5 możliwych gwiazdek (2)
    This extension improves the use of CatchAll-Addresses with Thunderbird.
    It handles incoming messages addressed to all [email protected] for a fixed domain.
    Incoming emails are automatically sorted into subfolders of INBOX identified by the prefix.
    22 użytkowników

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