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WhatsApp Web in Thunderbird

Open WhatsApp Web in Thunderbird

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2.165 gebruikers

Minimize on startup

Minimize thunderbird window on startup!

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Purge! Vereist herstart

Add toolbar icons to purge (compact folders) and/or delete junk messages to your toolbar and thread context...

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Unicodify – Text transformer

Easily and quickly autocorrect common symbols as ¼, transform text to “Unicode fonts” and change the casing.

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Quick Filter By

A simple extension that sets the Quick Filter based on the selected message fields. You can filter by either selecting "Quick Filter By" in the message list context menu or simply by alt-clicking on the message's sender, recipient or subject text.

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ThunderStats! Your Thunderbird Statistics! Vereist herstart

Do you remember the old good Eudora statistics? Do you miss them?
Using this addon you can finally keep an eye on how you use your beloved Thunderbird!

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652 gebruikers

SendWithoutSubject Vereist herstart

Send without subject and without confirmation alert

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19 gebruikers

Shedule Filters Vereist herstart

Sheduled run message filters

Запуск фильтров сообщений по расписанию

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my site 1.0

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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Bulk List Filter Vereist herstart

The Bulk List filter addon provides a set of preconfigured search folders for popular services such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon and more.

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Smilie Inserter Vereist herstart

Insert smilies in messages...

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Empty Folder

Adds a keyboard action (Ctrl+Del) and a folder context menu to delete all messages in a folder. Has a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletions

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25 gebruikers

Restart application Vereist herstart

Restart the application with one click (or Ctrl Shift Z)

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QuickPasswords Vereist herstart

Haal snel wachtwoorden uit de Wachtwoordbeheerder naar het Klembord. U hoeft ze niet meer weer te geven!

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AutoProxy Vereist herstart

Are you concerned about your privacy? Or, are you blocked from some websites by a firewall? And, are you arming yourself with a proxy? In that case, AutoProxy is designed for you! A tool to help you use your proxy automatically & efficiently.

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Mailing List Manager Vereist herstart

Clean up your Inbox and Organize your Mailing Lists

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Folderpane Tools Vereist herstart

Allows for customization of the folder pane. Accounts can be rearranged and the startup folder can be chosen.

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424 gebruikers

Leet Key Vereist herstart

Transforms typed or static text to L337, ROT13, BASE64, HEX, URL, BIN, DES, AES, Morse code, DVORAK keyboard layout and to lower/to upper case functionality, Leet Font...

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Customizable LDAP AddressBook Auto Complete Vereist herstart

Provides (restores) customizability of auto complete items for LDAP addressbook items, and more features.

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Proton Mail Toolbar Button

Adds a Proton Mail button to the toolbar. The button simply opens a new tab with the webpage.

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