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turns thunderbird into firefox (powered by mojeek)

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Toegevoegd op mrt 7, 2023

GrapeVine for Salesforce

Connects Thunderbird to

- Archive Emails from Thunderbird email accounts into Salesforce, automatically
- Synchronise Salesforce Contacts and Leads into Thunderbird's address book
- Create Contacts/Leads in Salesforce from emails

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Toegevoegd op mrt 5, 2023

Seafile Filelink2

Store attachments on a seafile share.

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Toegevoegd op mrt 4, 2023

Cypherdog Email Encryption

Secure your email with end-to-end encryption.
One click. Complete protection.

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Toegevoegd op feb 28, 2023


Power Folder add-ons tool is used for large attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird extension.

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Toegevoegd op feb 22, 2023


Modern encryption in Thunderbird - powered by Rust, rage and WebAssembly

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Toegevoegd op feb 14, 2023

GMail Labels

Shows GMail labels in each message's headers panel.

When using Thunderbird with a Gmail account, it is not possible to guess which Gmail labels a message was applied (and in which folders it can be found). This extension provides this information.

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Toegevoegd op feb 12, 2023


An extension that auto-moves new emails in folders

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Toegevoegd op feb 5, 2023

Move Folder (context-menu)

Adds the "Move to" menu entry to the folders panel context menu, allowing to move a folder (and its content) to another.
This feature is similar to the native one within message(s) context menu ("Move To"), but it applies to the folder tree.

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Toegevoegd op jan 31, 2023

FDK KIM Plugin

Dieses Plugin setzt automatisch die KIM-Header und den Betreff passend zu ihrem Anhang.

Anhängen werden analysiert und falls genau eine valide p7s Datei erkannt wird, werden die entsprechenden Daten automatisch gesetzt.

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Toegevoegd op jan 31, 2023


Moves email into Inbox/RemindMe folder, and moves it back into Inbox after chosen time.

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Toegevoegd op jan 28, 2023

Additional Info for Simplelogin

For e-mails forwarded by Simplelogin, a pop-up displays the original sender of the e-mail, as well as the alias that the e-mail was sent to and the address that it was forwarded to.

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Toegevoegd op jan 24, 2023


Memo with rainbow colors.

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Toegevoegd op jan 14, 2023


With the filter function comes with thunderbird, all emails met rules will be moved to a specific folder. As time passed the folder would grew bigger and I wanted to put all emails into sub folders classified by year.

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Toegevoegd op jan 12, 2023

AI Anywhere for ChatGPT

ChatGPT enhancer - adds context menu, keyboard shortcuts, history and more!

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Toegevoegd op jan 11, 2023


Tile notes, I provide this web app. to Mozilla Thunderbird users.
This is a derivative of RainbowNote, 7 colorful week notes, with tile like shapes.

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Toegevoegd op jan 8, 2023


Customizable headers for Thunderbird

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Toegevoegd op jan 6, 2023


SpamTester allows you to test the spam score of your email using popular anti-spam software (SpamAssassin, Rspamd...). This is useful to know if your email will fall into the recipient's spam (or even get your mail server blocked).

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Toegevoegd op dec 30, 2022

Simple Template

You will be able to create and automatically insert templates for each account.

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Toegevoegd op dec 28, 2022

Proton Mail Toolbar Button

Adds a Proton Mail button to the toolbar. The button simply opens a new tab with the webpage.

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Toegevoegd op dec 20, 2022