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Manually sort folders 1.1 isn't a solution either as it is not moving Local Folders back to the top (the real value of Folderpane Tools) and leaving my imap, blogs/news feeds, and other local folders, below . *&^%(*&^)(*&^)(*&

Attempts to revert (in aptitude, bring up package thunderbird, go to bottom pane / package details - note purged line. + to tell it to install, and voila.) got me 11.0. Unbelievable!

Googling revealed recent (last month) Ubuntu update to 38.1 from July update to 31.8.

Downloaded 31.8 from to my 12.04 Kubuntu.

Unpacked via alias unpack='tar xvf' to my favourite appropriate directory, /usr/local/src and gained a thunderbird directory underneath. Ran /usr/local/src/thunderbird/thunderbird, and voila. Update the menu entry, get on with my day, and STOP this breaking upgrade Mozilla nonsense.

Note: Attempting to get en-gb dictionaries only to get incompatible (not 38.1) version. Phooey, phaw, and gave up.