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Folderpane Tools

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Manually sort folders 1.1 isn't a solution either as it is not moving Local Folders back to the top (the real value of Folderpane Tools) and leaving my imap, blogs/news feeds, and other local folders, below . *&^%(*&^)(*&^)(*&

Attempts to revert (in aptitude, bring up package thunderbird, go to bottom pane / package details - note purged line. + to tell it to install, and voila.) got me 11.0. Unbelievable!

Googling revealed recent (last month) Ubuntu update to 38.1 from July update to 31.8.

Downloaded 31.8 from http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/thunderbird/releases/31.8.0/linux-x86_64/en-GB/ to my 12.04 Kubuntu.

Unpacked via alias unpack='tar xvf' to my favourite appropriate directory, /usr/local/src and gained a thunderbird directory underneath. Ran /usr/local/src/thunderbird/thunderbird, and voila. Update the menu entry, get on with my day, and STOP this breaking upgrade Mozilla nonsense.

Note: Attempting to get en-gb dictionaries only to get incompatible (not 38.1) version. Phooey, phaw, and gave up.


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Profiles let you mix and match accounts and local folders in different combinations. e.g. Suppose you have some e-mail accounts you don't often use - say, high traffic / noise levels. This let's you see where you are and bop back and forth when you need to.

However, sadly, went looking for a place to give feedback / give comments / report bug, but developer website has no such (obvious) link - so have to report here.

Went looking to feed back because although show profile in status bar works fine, turning on show in title bar is showing current folder name instead of current profile. That may be a nice option, but wasn't what I was looking for in selecting that option.

And since I'm here ... would be nice if the status bar option let me choose a position - good per message info on the right of the status bar - might be nice if the profile were listed at the far left instead.

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Classic TB2

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Recent linux update to TB24 schmucked my Oxygenate theme to the stupid very hard to read monocolour icons - why can't they just leave them alone.

Next day, this addon theme auto-updated and I'm back to something reasonable!


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Works wonderfully (have to disable addon compatibility checks), 'till today (11/20/13), with kubuntu 12.04 thunderbird update to 24.1.0. Now TB complains about incompatibility and even when forced enable, appearance has changed. Why can't effing kubuntu and TB leave the darned things alone. I need to get work done, not figure out what they've done with things now. It wasn't broken, stop fixing it, and let me get on with my working day.

Thank you for having this addon, and bringing some sanity back to my day.

Updating for 24.1.0 would be very much appreciated - never mind it hasn't been updated forever, nor that compatibility checking must be disabled.

[I'm guessing a schema change on TB's end has broken this.]