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I love Reminder Fox I wish I could use it outside Firefox .
It's the only reminder service that has everything I need apart from not being available outside of my Firefox browser.
The pop-up reminders pop up when they should and are not annoying at all , in fact I like the little cute fox popping up and reminding me what I need to do that day. I've set it to pop up every hour when I'm online.
Since using it organizing my life/ appointments and what-not is alot easier and I'm not forgetting important stuff ( I'm very forgetful person ). I find it very easy to use and set reminders using reminder fox.
I just have 2 issues 1) I wish I could set up more than 1 alarm for each reminder although the hourly pop-up-serves as a reminder it would be nice to beable to set more than 1 alarm as an extra reminder for the very forgetful person like myself.
2) my other issue is I really really wish I could have it on my phone and then beable to sycn my appointments between my Reminder fox in my Firefox browser and my Reminder fox in my android phone that would be great , but if I was to have reminder fox on my mobile phone it would have to run outside of Firefox because I don't have Firefox on my android phone.
Even with these couple of issues I still give Reminderfox 5* because it's great at what it does and my fave reminder / calender app by far.

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