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I love Firefox and I'm Foxkeh forever :)

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I really like this foxkeh persona because it matches my default windows 7 desktop background .

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

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Now adblock plus is complete and browsing the web is a joy , pop-ups are actually more annoying than normal ads so this add-on is a must and I love it , thank-you devs.

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I agree with nobodyarounds comment it enables me to keep using free download manager when I update Firefox and their plugin / add-on isn't updated , but I use it anyway as-well because I love it and it always works so well if only all add-ons were as reliable as this one Firefox would totally kick google chromes ars ha ha ( I love and always use Firefox by the way ) Flashgot is one of my must have add-ons and as I said before it works so well free download manager and flashget ( I use both ) thank-you

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British English Dictionary

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I've been using Firefox for a couple of years and my spelling is awful but the built in spell checker is US English which isn't English at all! all the spellings are wrong and I have no idea how Americans can actually say they speak English because they don't it's American so I'm so very thankful I found this add-on , I just wish I'd found it ages ago as it would have saved me alot of stress .

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I love Reminder Fox I wish I could use it outside Firefox .
It's the only reminder service that has everything I need apart from not being available outside of my Firefox browser.
The pop-up reminders pop up when they should and are not annoying at all , in fact I like the little cute fox popping up and reminding me what I need to do that day. I've set it to pop up every hour when I'm online.
Since using it organizing my life/ appointments and what-not is alot easier and I'm not forgetting important stuff ( I'm very forgetful person ). I find it very easy to use and set reminders using reminder fox.
I just have 2 issues 1) I wish I could set up more than 1 alarm for each reminder although the hourly pop-up-serves as a reminder it would be nice to beable to set more than 1 alarm as an extra reminder for the very forgetful person like myself.
2) my other issue is I really really wish I could have it on my phone and then beable to sycn my appointments between my Reminder fox in my Firefox browser and my Reminder fox in my android phone that would be great , but if I was to have reminder fox on my mobile phone it would have to run outside of Firefox because I don't have Firefox on my android phone.
Even with these couple of issues I still give Reminderfox 5* because it's great at what it does and my fave reminder / calender app by far.

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Thumbnail Zoom Plus

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I love this add-on soooo much, thank-you dev. It's great for general web surfing and very useful and is a must for when shopping online .
Another great feature is it's so easy to turn on and off so the zoomed pictures never get in your way when your reading or just browsing .
This add-on is simple and that's whats great about it .
I find the simple add-ons are always the best and add great functionality to Firefox, these sort of simple but great add-ons help make FireFox my #1 browser choice.

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Foxkeh Tail Wag

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This is my fav foxeh persona because of the wagging tail, it's very cute and looks good when applied.