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Copy Folder mod


The prior rating, by TomHayden86, indicates that this addon should run with TB 68.5 or perhaps any other 68 as well. (Guess Tom has found where the add-on's options can be opened for editing?).

Though, the add-on v2.2.1, currently the newest, is tagged to be compatible with up to TB 63.

Now I have TB 68.9 and installation of the add-on v2.2.1 is denied with an incompatibility return message.

Is there a secret trick to make it run?

Check Domain NG


This is no rating - just two questions: Can anybody clarify for which platform/OS this addon is? And can anybody confirm/contradict that v2.3 is not compatible with TB 68.9.0 (but only compatible with TB <= 68.5)?

Display Quota


Lots of critique on cosmetic decisions:

- option "size of progress bar" (buttons "smaller"-"larger"), is dysfunctional here. the bar is always the same size. [but might perhaps be due to 3rd party TB-skin configuration add-ons?]

- I'd prefer color and layout choices for better contrast/readability. currently, there are 2 completely different layouts, one lime-green-number-on-native-skin-background (main window) and the other black-number-squeezed-into-bar-on-solid-green-background (read-message-window). in both cases, the chosen combination is mediocre.

- if there wouldn't be this 1990ies-"glow" effect in the bar which is frequently sort of grabbing my attention (if this is about synchronization acitivity: better to replace it by info only in case of syn-failure.)

but technically it runs well, so far [v0.3.8 installed on good ole TB60.9.1 only two hours ago]


IMAP Quota (Free Space)


@pippo_franco: if you rightclick on any of your imap's folders, select "properties", and then, in the small thunderbird-native popup window, go to the most-right tab "quota" (or perhaps "contingent" or similar)...: What does the small thunderbird's popup window show there? Is it the server's disk quota (again), or your mailbox' quota?

If it's the server's quota too, there, then you discovered a bug that needs to be discussed with the helpdesk/admin of the server. Because any tool that uses imap-protocol's way of retrieving the capacity and its utilization (which is given to it by the imap server) would get the same wrong data.

@ options button / TB60: enable tb's menu bar and select: Extras >> add-on-SETTINGS >> IMAP Quota (Free Space)

Rating: Currently/Still using TB69 with IMAP Quota (Free Space) v1.2, which is quite unstable. Configured limits are 0/70/90, so there should always be data shown. Sometimes it indeed shows the small bar with data, sometimes not, sometimes on the 2nd/third/etc. attempt. Sometimes situation improves temporarily after rebooting TB.

Good: Config options, display fashion (small bar with distinguished colors and percentual values), if bar is clicked then it opens TB's quota tab where the most detailed data is available.