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Hello, TB suddenly (since one or two weeks, and after years of compatibility) tells me that filtaquilla is not compatible with TB 45.8.0.
I think in cannot grow on bigger TB than 45.8.0 because my MacOS is 10.6.8.

Is there a solution ?

Sorry, no change, i ve tried to re-install but TB doesn't want to.
I have some screen capture if you want. is this possible to send mails or mp on this website ?


Duplicate Contact Manager


The window « search » appears well (and in french automatically, nice), but when click on START, nothing seems to happen.

EDIT : at the end, that works but not on ALL addresse books together… So not very usefull tool because i need to find doubles between all differents address books.

RE_EDIT : well, i tried one more and i can compare two address books together, but not all adresses books in one action.


Duplicate Contact Manager


Just dont do anything with TB 45.1.1

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Je ne vois aucune icône supplémentaire et cliquer sur les petites flèches avant le sujet ne donne rien.
Dommage car cette extension serait exactement ce que je recherche, le mode « conversation » ne me convient pas (trop complexe à gérer) mais retrouver mes réponses parmi tous les dossiers, ça me serait bien utile.

Filter Button


Seems to works fine on my computer, can also tell if many filters can be applied DIRECTLY on the message (do not tells the filters that could be applied after other filters have been applied, but it is probably too complex to program).
Usefull for calibrate properly my lot of filters


Folder Filters Button


I just install this addon, but on the photo, it shoes there will be 2 buttons, one for apply filter on all messages in the folder, one for apply the filter only on selected messages. I need the second but it doesn't seems to exist elsewhere than on this photo. So i have only 1 button that i dont need.

TO REPLY CHRIS MALEK : yes, i have seen this, but there is only one icon, those for « apply filter to the folder », but not those for « apply filter to selected messages ». So the screen capture on the addon page is not correct.


TitleCase For Thunderbird


I used this excellent tool for a time, but i just discover it was the reason of a bug on thunderbird : when TitleCase is activated, i cannot type in this spécial characters : "Ç" "[" "«" "»" "…" and maybe others. What a pity.

EDIT : i can't find version 2.6, just 2.5




Just tried it for a dailymotion vidéo, the video appears on a list but stays grey and cannot be downloaded.