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History Deleter


Great addon! I like it since it gives me much more control over what sites history gets deleted. I use my history on certain sites to keep track of what I've already read, but if the history gets too full then the older pages are auto-forgotten and I have to rely on my spotty memory to remember if I've read something. With this I can have it auto-delete the unimportant sites history first so it hopefully doesn't get to the point where my important site history is erased.

I stopped using it for a while since it seemed to crash firefox when I tried to run a purge cycle, but I just tried it on Firefox 31 and it seems to work now. I would kind of like perhaps a regular expression option or something for matching, although I wonder if that would make it even slower.

I wonder if there's any extensions that would do something like "never forget this site". Probably not, since there's a reason the browser history is automatically purged so it doesn't impact performance" so I'll have to deal.

Gmail Manager


For those saying it doesn't work, it's because it was designed to show in the addon/status bar and they removed the addon/status bar in Firefox 29/30ish. I installed Status-4-Evar and it shows up, you might also try some other extensions that re-add the addon/status bar. I also have "The Addon Bar (restored)" but I installed Status-4-Evar first so it's showing up there I think.

Although I am having problems with it lately, It's showing the error icons, I'm not sure if something else is logging me out or what. I have to click logout all accounts and then relogin for it to work, but then it shows an error the next time it checks, so it's like it's not staying logged in. It probably doesn't help that I have multiple accounts.

I love that it shows me the subject lines of the most recent messages when I hover over it, I wish other notifiers would do that instead of just the number of unread messages.