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Bluhell Firewall


Very needed (at least for me) because:

- antiAdBlockers not seeing it - it is the only one such add-on
I have found...
- it is very tiny
- Firefox just "flying" through the most sites skiping most Ads...

It will be the best of all blockers when CPM and CPC Banner Advertising BLOCK future will be added!


Bluhell Firewall


Great! Have just updated Firefox to 48.0.2 and BluHell installed OK!
Super, but, hope it was not because my latest Win reinstall...
I mean - Firefox installed firstly after win reinstall and only later Java and codecs.

Whatever, I am happy about BluHell plug-in have returned to My Firefox 48.

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Bluhell Firewall


Great add-on! I understand it now when I can not use it...
I was installed latest Firefox ver. and what i see:
"Disabled"!!! - and "unavailable for Firefox ver. 43"

Please, make new, compatible version.