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加入日期 Nov. 17, 2010
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TT DeepDark 需要重新啟動

Simple and smooth dark complete theme for Thunderbird

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DeepDark for Thunderbird 需要重新啟動

Dark mode for Thunderbird UI

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Dark-Bright Aero

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In your addon description you forgot to add that you used graphic elements of FT DeepDark theme and copied 99% of its design without asking permission to its author. And plus you are even asking for support when you created absolutely NOTHING...I don t know what crossed your mind when you did all this... ?

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Force RTL

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Thanks :) This is a very useful addon for me :) Keep up the good work

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Thanks a lot for this update for FF4 :) I m really glad that I can use it again :))

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DOM Inspector

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Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks and thanks !! :))) With this addon, creating a theme becomes much easier.

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