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First installation and, without using it, a message in the bottom enjoigned me to buy an annual license.
It's probably a great tool but not for personal or educational use, I don't need it up to pay for it.
I'm disappointed because I've not seen that a paid extension (but I understand the author for that)

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It was one of my favorite extensions, because I could rename automated message (like my mail's scanner)... it was becaus (thanks to Mozilla) this extension isn't compatible with new Thunderbird 68.
Please, update it, it is really smart for a lot of TB customers (and there is no hope for that function will be integrated by mozilla by default).
Thanks by advance.


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More easy to use than "Awesome Auto archive", especialy when trying to archive all folders under your account. It would gain a star if checking network itself rather asking with a dialog box (checking a web service for example). Simple, efficient.

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MRC Compose

評分: 3 / 5 顆星

version 1.9 still really good but, I've found a bug : in 'To:' field, I want to use 2 lists. I can write the first list name, hit enter, the members of the list replace the name (no problem about that) but when entering 2nd list and validating, MRC Compose show me a yellow message "Attention : il est conseillé de déplacer les destinaires dans 'copie cachée à:'"... and the To: field become unavailable. If the developper want to contact me (golfy free fr)

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(en) That's a great application : it's like an IRL mail, where you put a post-it : that way, each email that need a note have it, directly on it.
(fr) Une excellente application qui fonctionne comme les courriers papiers : la note ce colle directement sur le corps du mel.

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MRC Compose

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

It near a perfect shot, great to avoid many fields. Unfortunately, dark themes are incompatible... could you make your extension able to use default css colors for active theme or at least, permit to change it own colors ? Thanks a lot.

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Einstein Emc2

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maybe a little to black (a very dark may be less "hard") but it's a nice one, with Einstein face, the famous formula and atomic objet (not enough scientific to know wich :) ).
Great theme !!!