Thunderbird Essentials

av Realraven (Axel Grude)

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QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) av Realraven (Axel Grude), Alexander Malfait

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor 160 recensioner

23 128 användare

The "Swiss army knife" of folders. Turn your favorites into tabs - open folders and subfolders, move mails without scrolling around or searching. powerful + easy.

See new mail at a glance after automatic filtering - supports quickFilters addon!

quickFilters av Realraven (Axel Grude)

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor 56 recensioner

14 090 användare

Quickly generate mail filters on the fly, by dragging and dropping mails and analyzing their attributes. Create a filter in less than 10 seconds, it's as easy as: drag, click, click.

By popular demand, supports SORTING filters alphabetically.

SmartTemplate4 av Realraven (Axel Grude), Marky Mark DE

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor 72 recensioner

8 753 användare

SmartTemplate4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates. Templates can be created for every account as well as for global settings (for all email accounts).

FiltaQuilla av R Kent James, Realraven (Axel Grude)

Betygsatt 4 utav 5 stjärnor 85 recensioner

12 150 användare

Adds many new mail filter actions - launch a file, suppress notification, remove star or tag, mark replied or unread, copy as "read", append text to subject.

Menu On Top (SuperMenu Avatar) av Realraven (Axel Grude)

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor 8 recensioner

323 användare

Move the Thunderbird menu bar to the top. Choose from a selection of visual styles + colors. Add frequently used bookmarks and an avatar icon without wasting precious screen space. Bookmark your favorite sites, emails, folders or configuration pages.

Zombie Keys (Multilanguage Keyboard) av Realraven (Axel Grude), Kai Bolay

Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor 25 recensioner

213 användare

Enter accents, diacritics, diaeresis, umlauts, ligatures etc. with keyboards of various countries (us,uk,ie,fr,it,ru,de,sv) - via easy to remember shortcuts or menu. Also supports all textboxes of the application (such as search, filters).

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