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MRC Compose is a great add-on, thanks a lot. However, I had to disable it with TB 24.0 because there is a conflict with sending and forwarding messages, which was no longer possible. Any idea?I use Windows 7 64-bit SP1; the error console does not show any messages; the send button is just greyed out.My extensions:Copy Plain Text 2 1.2.1Display Quota 0.3.6Enigmail 1.5.2Extension List Dumper 1.15.2Extra Folder Columns 1.1.5Manually Sort Folders 1.1MoreFunctionsForAddressBook Compose 1.5PrintingTools 2.1.2Remove Duplicate Messages 0.1.13Send without save 1.4.3 (This actually works!)XNote++ 2.2.9

update on version 1.6: Thank you for fixing the conflict with TB 24.0 (send button not working)!

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (1.5). 

Thanks for your feedback !
I use mrc compose daily with TB24 and I have no sending/replying problems.

Can you send me more informations ?
- operating system
- list of other TB addons
- open the "Error console" from the "Tools" menu, then recreate the problem. Then if there is new lines in the error console, just send them.