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Имя Steph
Местонахождение Takoma Park, MD
Пользователь с Март 7, 2015
Число разработанных дополнений 15 тем
Средний рейтинг дополнений разработчика Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

Созданные мной дополнения

Yellow Crocuses in Snow

Yellow crocuses emerging from snow. Fro photos taken on the vernal equinox.

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд (2)
2 пользователя
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Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

This will be a favorite for anyone who like succulents and is just a bit different for everyone who likes nature themes. It is colorful and works well.

Beach Plants

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

A nice restful image. I like the contrasting font color that picks up the sunset or sunrise color.

Some kind of mushrooms

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Those are some kind of cool mushrooms! The image also works very well with the browser.

Áldott jó lilahagyma Blessed good purple onion

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

A very clever use of a single image. A familiar sprouted onion becomes a thing of beauty. This might appeal to folks who love to cook.

avatar fantasy

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

A magical fantasy landscape.for your browser.

Green Abstract Flower

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Beautiful and fun. Flowers from another planet!

Long Horn Mountain Goats

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Love these wild sheep, and just in time for Aries! It is nice that one of the sheep faces is set high enough so that it will display even if the upper display area is set narrow.