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Joe Feise

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As others have said already, mnenhy doesn't work with recent TB versions anymore.
There is a bug report about it on mozdev, and somebody posted a fixed version. I've tried it on Win10 and Linux (both 64-bit) with the latest TB version (45.7.1), and it works fine for me.
I've tried to post a link to it here, but that vanished. It can be found with a Google search for "stanio mnenhy". Or look up bug number 26220 on mozdev's bugzilla. Make sure you install the mnenhy- version from 2016-07-10.
Maybe the link stays up now: https://bitbucket.org/stanio/mnenhy/downloads


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While I like the currency stuff in the status bar, the adware the addon now has is unacceptable.
Removed from all my browsers.
Shame on the developer!

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Gmail Manager NG

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I add my voice to the other reviews.This add-on currently does not work with Google's 2-step authentication. It seems to log in, but only shows 0 unread messages and 0 MB used.


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Never mind my previous review. There seems to be some interaction with cookie blockers.
After disabling the TACO cookie blocker plugin, this works again.

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Used to be good, but has recently stopped working.
Maybe due to changes in the Yahoo/Google financial pages?

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I've found the same problem as Lee.
TB3 with this extension enabled (through nightly tester tools) doesn't send out mails immediately.
Guess I have to find some other replacement for this.

Silver Skin (for Thunderbird)

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This was a good theme, but hasn't been updated in years.
It worked with TB2 with nightly tester tools to overwrite compatibility. But with TB3, it is broken even then.


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1.0.4 has some memory leaks. After a couple of hours memory usage of the Firefox 2 process doubles..
Using 1.0.3 with the Nightly Tester Tools to override compatibility works fine for me.