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Search Results Sort By Date Not Relevance Требуется перезапуск

Makes search results sort by "date" instead of "relevance" by default.

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Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird) Требуется перезапуск

A Thunderbird extension which disables drag and drop in the folder pane.
This extension prevents unintended folder movement.

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HTitle (discontinued) Требуется перезапуск

Hide title bar if window is maximized.

This add-on has been discontinued!

Legacy extensions support will be dropped in Firefox 57. If you interest in CSD on Linux, please track progress on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1283299.

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Search as list Требуется перезапуск

Search results appear as list (as per the "Open email as list" button).
- return to facet view with shift+close [x]
- auto open list view when few results found
- column config./sort/toggle [IMG3&4]
- apply columns to search as list menu [IMG5]

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Phoenity Icons Требуется перезапуск

Phoenity icons for Thunderbird

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Folder Filters Button Требуется перезапуск

Just a very simple add-on that adds a toolbar button to execute the "Run Filters on Folders" from Tools menu.

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Enhanced Priority Display Требуется перезапуск

Enhanced thread pane display of message priorities.

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Menu Wizard Требуется перезапуск

Menu Wizard поможет вам настроить меню: удаление, перемещение и переименование
Раскрасьте важные меню для простоты использования!
Измените или отключите любые используемые браузером горячие клавиши
Поддерживаются: Firefox, SeaMonkey и Thunderbird

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Simple Locale Switcher Требуется перезапуск

Упрощённое управление языком пользовательского интерфейса

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Add-on for Thunderbird that replaces the built-in notifications with OS native ones. It supports most Linux Desktop Environments as well as Windows 8.1/10.

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Menu On Top (SuperMenu Avatar) Требуется перезапуск

Move the Thunderbird menu bar to the top. Choose from a selection of visual styles + colors. Add frequently used bookmarks and an avatar icon without wasting precious screen space. Bookmark your favorite sites, emails, folders or configuration pages.

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Keep in Taskbar Требуется перезапуск

A simple plugin that makes the Close button behave exactly like the Minimize one.

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Show All Body Parts Требуется перезапуск

Enable the View | Message Body As | All Body Parts message display mode.

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Enhanced Date Formatter Требуется перезапуск

Configure the 'Date' and 'Received' columns and displayed date in the message pane using custom formats. You can even use different date formats for emails with today's date, yesterday's date, dates in the last week, or dates older than a week.

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Hide C. Titlebar Plus Lite Требуется перезапуск

* "Maximize your content space by configuring Title-bar & floating main-menu".
* Configurable "Thunderbird" application-main-button at top-left corner!, like Firefox's one. (see sshots)
* "Close Current Tab"! as configurable Close-button action.

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Colored Folders Требуется перезапуск

Add colors to your folders in Thunderbird!
Must-have for better organisation + intuitive and speedy workfow...

This is project "Color Folders" (originally by Fisheater), corrected, resurrected, restaurated, extended and republished.

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Sort and Search Customization Dialogs Требуется перезапуск

Sort and search for buttons in (any) toolbar customization dialog

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Lightweight Themes Manager

Manage your installed personas (lightweight themes).

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Element Inspector

In the DOM Inspector,quickly navigate to the any elements

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Checkbox Column Требуется перезапуск

Adds a custom column to Thunderbird's messages list (thread tree), making it easier to select multiple messages on devices with a touchscreen display.

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