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True Full Screen in SeaMonkey

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This add-on couldn't be simpler. Install it, and HTML5 full-screen videos will work, just like Flash videos used to.

FlashGot Mass Downloader

Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

On the whole, this extension works quite well with SeaMonkey. There are some websites whose Flash content it can't detect or download, though in these cases it's probably the antisocial website operators who are to blame for further obfuscating the media delivery process. (As if using proprietary formats like Flash wasn't bad enough!)

The dialog which identifies the media on the page and prompts the user to select which ones to download can be a bit confusing. This is usually the case when a website offers the same files or streams in multiple formats or quality settings; it can be hard to know which ones to select. And the selection interface itself takes some getting used to. Some further guidance in the UI here would have been helpful, though even without it the process is not too hard to pick up.

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The extension works as advertised with Thunderbird 38.1.0, though it's not particularly convenient to set up or use. It adds a "Report" command to the list of available toolbar buttons, but the user must add it to the toolbar manually. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any way of invoking the "Report" command from the context menu, the pull-down menus, the message window, or a keyboard shortcut.

The extension can be configured to send spam reports to various agencies, including SpamCop. However, the SpamCop preferences dialog is completely nonsensical if you want to use the "Quick Reporting" feature of SpamCop. (The checkbox enabling this feature is mislabelled as "Quick SpamCop", and selecting it changes the semantics of the "Your SpamCop ID" input field in a way that the user cannot possibly anticipate. It took me some trial and error to figure out its new purpose.)

As for the core functionality, all the "Report" button seems to do is to open a pre-filled composer window containing the offending spam message as an attachment to a poorly formatted cover letter. The user must still manually send the report. It would be so much more convenient if the extension provided one-click reporting. As-is, it is hardly more useful than manually forwarding a message.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (1.20.0).