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Congratulations, this is a very useful add-on.
It helps me to solve a lot of time I had to spend to archieving my mails.

There is just one problem I got (which may be caused by my mail provider): After moving a mail from my post box to another folder of my IMAP account, the pdf attachement becomes destroyed and can not be openend within Thunderbird anymore. If I use the Webmail fontend, there is no problem; the file is still okay when I make a download of it.
Do you have any idea about the reasons?

And I have one wish for future developments:
It would spend a lot of time and space (on the screen) if the fields "From" and "Recipient" would just be one field instead of separated fields as it is now.

I would give a 5 star rating if these 2 topics would be solved.
Again: Congratulations!

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