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I would like to congratulate for this amazing add-on.
There is nothing better for organizing emails.

I'm just having one trouble,
I have a side account only for employees and I would like to provide only the last 30 days e-mails. copying them to their account, and after that , deleting 30 days older e-amails.

But the add on has no possibility to choose emails "newer than" an age.

Do you have any solution for this case ?


As the developer said in the description:

- if you would like more complicated filter or folder selection, please try 'Saved Search Folder' and select the folder as "Source Folder". -

So.. i tried it first, but did not work for some reason, but now is working PERFECTLY !

Thank you so much. great Add-on !

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (0.6).