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Excellent add-on for viewing headers. Has very readable output. A few more options would be helpful (like removing status bar icon and filtering).

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One of the essential addons for Firefox.

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Customize Google was once one of the best extensions, but some important features no longer work, such as removing click tracking, and removing ads from gmail. I hope the developers put out an update to keep up with all the changes google has made.

What's my IP Address

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Nice add on, it has a lot a potential. I hope you keep developing it. If you could toggle the display to show the address of the site you are visiting, I would be sold.

これは以前のバージョン (1.0) についてのレビューです。 

Advanced Dork:

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It didn't seem like much of an extension when I installed it, but I am surprised by how much I use it to search google because the results are so much more accurate than a plain text query. I would like to see more options to search for different types of files that google has indexed. Thanks for the nice extension.

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