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Walnut for Thunderbird

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Thanks a lot for making compatible until 6.1.
Still my favorit theme.
Regards, Volker, Germany

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Walnut for Thunderbird

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My favorite add-on, I love and use it from the beginning.
Today I lost it through the TB update to 60.
I hope it will be compatible again very soon...

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Get/Send Button

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I use TB 52.4.0 and recently downloaded MagicSLR 5.0.3.
After Installing it an TB restart, no new button appears.
I can adjust the options in the Add-on menu, but all what happens is, that I get a new subtitle-menu when I use the get-emails-menu.
In addition, my 3 accounts appear now doubled or sometimes even tripeled.
I tried to install / uninstall the add-on several times, always the same.

これは以前のバージョン (5.0.3) についてのレビューです。