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Get Selected Mails

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Very functional extension.

A simple ability to select which accounts' emails should be checked - very useful for those with multiple email IDs.

A pity that Mozilla, for all its good work, does not provide the extra support such developers need to keep them in step with Mozilla's development plans.

Here is hoping that Mozilla and such developers work well together and such useful extensions have an easy path to staying usable on new versions of Thunderbird.

Thanks to the developer for an excellent extension.

Tag Sequence Arranger

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Using with Thunderbird v 52.1.1.
Please keep this addon updated.

Many thanks to the dev. for a useful add-on.


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Doesn't work with Thunderbird 52.1.1

Can the dev please update the addon?

Many thanks for a very useful addon.

Keychain Services Integration

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Thanks Julian.

Allowing Firefox's PM access to the all of the keychain can be considered a security weakness.

Like in Camino (or Entourage), I was hoping / wishing, that Firefox would only be allowed to look up ONLY the password required, but not bring ALL keychain passwords to their password manager. This would be better and a closer integration with OS X.

Dont know if Firefox's PM allows dynamic lookup hooks like this.
Pls look into this when possible.


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Keychain Services Integration

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Clarification from the developer, Julian, about my question on the integration.
Firefox dev. team - could you look into this pls.

Thanks to Julian for a quick response.

Hi, you posted a review of the Keychain Services Integration
extension. The Mozilla Add-ons site seems to be broken such that I
can't reply to your review there.

The integration *is* dynamic. You may have been confused because
Firefox uses the new password database for *all* actions including
listing the passwords in the "Show all passwords" section of the
preferences dialog. With this extension loaded, those are the
passwords from the keychain, not from your Firefox database. Firefox
has an abstraction that allows you to implement different storage
backends for passwords and the extension simply provides an
implementation that stores and retrieves to/from the Keychain. I'd
love it if Firefox allowed you to select multiple backends
simultaneously so you could see what was in both, but unfortunately it
only allows one to be used at a time.

I wonder if you could remove or update your comments... they are
confusing for people browsing the site who may think that the
integration is not dynamic.



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Keychain Services Integration

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this just copies all the key chain passwords to firefox pm.
seems less secure and not optimal.
is an integration - dynamic lookup and update not possible?

thanks for your efforts and consideration.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.0b1) del componente aggiuntivo.