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Tag Toolbar / Tag Popup

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0.9.00 not working with TB60,
Can't work without Tag toolbar, hence removed TB60 and gone back to TB52.

Please release updated version.


Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.9.00) sebelumnya. 

Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms

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A great concept got wasted by poor implementation.

first, it doesn't support export/ import to unicode, though we can make signatures in hindi unicode, but while saving, it becomes junk, and when we import hindi unicode, that displays junk.

it asks too many unnecessary questions in exporting/ importing and confuses.

when we have created signatures, and paste them into fb text box, it pastes field name as well as field content, which is senselessness.
And then, we can remove field name, but can't even remove field content from the text box. We can't even select than, can't cut that, can't delete that.

And after pasting to fb textbox, Enter key to post the comment stops working and we are utterly at a loss what to do.

So, a good and useful concept gone waste.


Image Zoom

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doesn't seem to work on ff 41.0.2

the icons of + - that were appearing on mouse hover on pics to zoom in, zoom out are no appearing, so it has lost its main convenient functionality,

we have have to access it through right click menu.

please revise it.

Last Message

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not installing saying "not compatible with TB 38". Please release an update.
:-( Madazilla rightly said below that this should be default behavior of TB. Thanks.


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Dear developer, Why have you given up on this great add on? It is one of the most useful add ons for TB. There is no other add on that does even a fraction of all these things. If you remember my name, I had given lot of feedbacks on its use in developing it during early days. Please find some time and release a new update. We would be greatful to you. Thanks. Rawat.

Restartless Restart

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not a review, just mentioning that the "Support site" link appearing on the right hand site of this page is not working.
it is leading to
which is throwing a 404 - not found.

please solve that and make support accessible to users.


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everywhere (at least 3 places) you are claiming "Quickfile is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which initially aimed to speed up filing of messages into your mail folder heirarchy but now includes features for navigation and folder creation. "

but you have not really mentioned anywhere what are those features.


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in the following comment change that http://quickfile.mozdev/org/ to http://quickfile.mozdev.org/
Developer Comments

Quickfile 0.17 is awaiting approval. You can get it beforehand at http://quickfile.mozdev/org/


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The best thing to happen to TB in last 2-3 years. My usage of Firefox got reduced by more than 40% as most of the mailed links I can now view in TB itself.

Once, cookies get enabled in TB, Firefox will not be needed for 70-80% of things. Why keep TB and FF both loaded eating your memory when ThunderBrowse enables TB to surf? So, Firefox! You have got competition. ThunderBrowse IT! is here.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (2.8.1) sebelumnya.