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Send Later

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I love everything about this app except it lacks the one feature I need to make it useful as a Reminder Email that goes out prior to a monthly event. (Jonathan's instructions are here!topic/send-later-users/YN294Ah81Ck)

I'd like to schedule the Send Later email to go out every month, relative to a regularly scheduled event. Eg, I would love it if I could set it to go out on, not the 3rd Friday, but on the Friday before the 4th Wed. Sometimes the Friday before the 4th Wed is a 3rd Friday, and sometimes it's a 4th Friday.

Thunderbird's calendar allows you to set up reminders before events - you can set a reminder to go off [X] number of [minutes/hours/days] before or after an event. This feature would make the Send Later app into a perfect app for me. Instead I have to use Thunderbird's reminder to tell me when to send a reminder manually, without the benefit of an almost perfect app.

PS, The developer is so responsive that he actually created code and directions on how to insert this into the app. I haven't figured out yet how to exactly do this (I didn't even know what dynamic functions are) but I'm grateful for his quick response and providing tools for me to adapt the app to what I need. Thanks JK!! (Jonathan's code and instructions are on this page:!topic/send-later-users/YN294Ah81Ck)


Great app, responsive developer, clear and thorough userguide, and if anyone needs this app as a reminder, please see Jonathan's reply to my question here (!topic/send-later-users/YN294Ah81Ck)

Download the file (ending in .slj) and import as directed.

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Manually sort folders

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I like the app, but like another reviewer, it interrupts mail. I disabled it and my mail came back and I can send again. I'm on a mac, el capitan, using Thunderbird 45.2.0

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