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Versi 7.4.0 505.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - 71.*

Translation updates.

Versi 6.4.8 477.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Compatibility fixes for Thunderbird 45 and Thunderbird 52.

Translation updates.

Versi 6.4.7 477.2 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Add the Kickstarter campaign pop-up to the Thunderbird 60 version of Send Later.

Versi 7.3.9 505.1 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - 71.*

Translation update

Versi 7.3.8 505.1 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - 71.*

This add-on will no longer be supported when Thunderbird 78 is released in a few months, unless enough people commit to supporting continued maintenance of the add-on to make it feasible. To show your commitment, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jik/rewritten-add-ons-for-mozilla-thunderbirds-next-release and make a pledge. As a bonus, Kickstarter supporters of this and my other add-ons will receive significant discounts on add-on licenses.

This release of the add-on adds a pop-up message warning users about the potential end of support and encouraging people to visit the Kickstarter campaign and support it.

Versi 7.3.6 475.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix errors for users of Thunderbird in Danish.

Versi 7.3.5 475.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix Send Later compatibility with Owl for Exchange.

Versi 7.3.4 475.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

FIX: Update the menu properly in the dynamic function editor

When creating or deleting functions in the dynamic function editor, update the list of available functions in the menu properly. Previously, updates were failing, so you had to close and re-open the editor window to refresh the list of available functions.

ENH: Accept CRLF line breaks in dynamic function export files

Now that dynamic function export files, i.e. ".slj" files, have line breaks in them, it's possible for them to be transmitted and copied in such a way that their LF line terminators get turned into CRLF, e.g., if someone views a .slj file in a browser and then copies and pastes it into a text file on Windows. There's no reason why we can't support this, so let's do it.

I18N: Several updates to the Chinese translations

Versi 7.3.3 475.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Finish up the last few strings in the Polish translation.

Thanks to Wojciech Kazimierczak for getting the Polish translation across the finish line!

Versi 7.3.2 475.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix potential message corruption in non-English locales

In some foreign languages it was possible for scheduled messages to be corrupted when they were sent, because a date being inserted at the top of the message contained a textual description of the sender's time zone, which could include foreign-language characters which confused Thunderbird into thinking there was a line break in the message where there shouldn't be one.

This has been fixed by no longer inserting the textual time zone description into the message.

Versi 7.3.1 475.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix date parsing in the Polish locale

Prior to release 7.3.0, we weren't actually parsing dates in Polish for people using Thunderbird in Polish, so we didn't notice that there was a bug for Polish in the third-party date-parsing library Send Later users. Starting in 7.3.0 we were doing a better job of selecting the language for parsing dates, so we started actually trying to parse dates in Polish, which caused the hidden bug to show up.

In this release we patch that bug, so now Polish users of the add-on should be able to type dates into the prompt window.

Versi 7.3.0 475.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix date-parsing for non-English locales (again)

The previous fix for Thunderbird 68 to make Send Later determine the correct locale to parse dates in apparently broke before Thunderbird 68 actually shipped, so an additional fix is called for.

People using Thunderbird in a foreign language that Send Later knows how to parse should be able to type dates in that language again.

This release also contains a small update to the Italian translation.

Versi 7.2.1 475.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Extra logging and error handling to work around an issue that seems to be cropping up for the first time in Thunderbird 68, preventing scheduled messages in some Drafts folders from being sent.

Compatibility changes for Thunderbird 71+.

Translation updates.

Versi 7.2.0 474.8 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

New feature: Support a simple n-minute delay for all sent messages

You can now configure Send Later (via its preferences) to schedule all messages which you send with the Send button or Ctrl-Enter to be delayed by a specified number of minutes.

Note that this feature and the "'Send' does 'Send Later'" feature are incompatible so only one of them can be enabled at a time.

Bug fixes:

The preferences window works in Thunderbird 71+ now.

Some (but perhaps not all) instances of the "Send Later" column showing in folders where it shouldn't have been fixed.

Versi 7.1.3 471.4 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Saving modified dynamic functions and removing dynamic functions hasn't worked since the port to Thunderbird 68. This is now fixed.

Update translations.

Versi 7.1.2 471.4 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Changes since 7.1.0 (including 7.1.1, which was never released):

Fix the OK, Cancel, and Reset buttons in the preferences window, which were broken in Thunderbird 68.

Add a preference to allow the user to disable the Ctrl-Alt-1, -2, and -3 key bindings in the message composition window.

Spread out the links at the bottom of the preferences window so they aren't all scrunched together.

Implement a compatibility fix for Thunderbird 70+ to make the toolbar buttons in the message composition window work properly again.

Update some translations.

Versi 7.1.0 466.9 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Translation updates.

Fix the datepicker and timepicker in the Send Later prompt window.

Versi 7.0.8 466.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Thunderbird 68 compatibility change

Versi 7.0.7 466.6 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Upgrade SugarJS, the library used to parse dates, for minor improvements in date parsing.

Fix a potential future Thunderbird compatibility issue.

Versi 7.0.6 465.3 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix a bug in the default preferences loading code which may or may not actually impact end users.

Versi 7.0.5 465.4 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Make the Send Later icon appear next to the add-on name in the Tools | Add-On Preferences menu.

TB compatibility: Include some internal scripts necessary to use html:input in XUL files.

Versi 7.0.4 465.2 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

TRANSLATIONS: Various improvements to translations:

  • Complete Hungarian translation, thanks to Óvári!
  • Additions to the Dutch and Greek translations.
  • The correct, translated add-on name now appears throughout the add-on, for translations that choose to localize it, rather than the add-on name sometimes appearing as "Send Later" in English.
  • Allow the log level settings in the preferences to be translated.
  • Reorganize bits and pieces of the translation framework to accommodate language structure differences between English and some other languages, most notably Hungarian.
  • Remove some English strings that somehow crept into the Armenian translation.

Thanks, as always, to all of my awesome translators!

FIX: Eliminate "double down arrows" in compose window.

Send Later was causing there two be an extra downward-pointing arrow on the right end of pop-up menu buttons. Not anymore!

FIX: Fix broken numeric input boxes.

A couple of text-entry boxes for entering numbers weren't functioning properly due to changes in Thunderbird 68. This has now been fixed.

ENHANCEMENT: Get rid of confusing "<from locale>" in preferences window.

Previously, when the user went to edit the label and value for one of the shortcut buttons, the label text that appeared in the preferences tag by default was "<from locale>". This was confusing and people didn't really know what to make of it. Now, the actual label text in the current language will appear instead, unless the user changes the label text, in which case the user's specified text will appear.

ENHANCEMENT: Add a tooltip for the "Send Later" button in the compose window toolbar.

Versi 7.0.3 455.1 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Restore date-picker and time-pickers

For Thunderbird 68+, restore the date-picker and time-pickers to the Send Later prompt window, which means that it is once again possible to schedule a message exclusively using the mouse, and it is once again possible to put time-of-day restrictions on the delivery of scheduled messages.

Two caveats:

  1. The date-picker and time-pickers are only available in Send Later when the Lightning add-on is installed and enabled. This is because there is still no working date-picker or time-picker functionality in the core Thunderbird application, so Send Later is for the time being using the date-picker and time-picker included with Lightning.
  2. The Send later date/time-picker that could previously be added to the message composition toolbar is still unavailable, because the date-picker and time-picker in Lightning doesn't work in toolbar buttons.

This change adds one additional new bit of functionality that wasn't there before: when you change either the start or end time in the "Between" range in the prompt window, the other time bracketing the range is adjusted to preserve the validity of the range. So, for example, if the start time is set to 11:00 AM and then you change the end time to 10:00 AM, the start time will change to 10:00 AM automatically.

Translation updates

Add an incomplete Hungarian translation.

Add the bare-bones of a Danish translation (you won't actually see any translated strings in the UI yet).

Thanks as always to my translators! Be in touch if you want to help translate.

Versi 7.0.2 444.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 - *

Fix a bug which was preventing messages from being marked replied or forwarded when a reply or forward was scheduled with Send Later.

Fix a Thunderbird 69 compatibility issue which was preventing the Send Later prompt window from going away after a message was scheduled.

Versi 7.0.1 444.5 KiB Bekerja pada Thunderbird 68.0a1 dan kemudian

This release of Send Later only works with Thunderbird 68 and newer. For older versions of Thunderbird, you need to download version 6.4.6.

This is the first release of Send Later which attempts to be compatible with Thunderbird 68, so there may be some rough edges I haven't stumbled across yet. Please let me know if you run into any problems that aren't mentioned below!

Here are the known, user-visible changes in this release:

The datepicker and timepickers in the Send Later dialog are currently disabled, and the datepicker / timepicker combo that goes in the compose window toolbar doesn't work. This is because there are currently problems with the datepicker and timepicker widgets, so I can't get them to work in Send Later. This has two functional impacts until I am able to fix it:

  1. You have to enter the send time by typing it rather than being able to click.
  2. You can't set time-of-day restrictions on scheduled messages.

The preferences window (tab, actually) now has "Reset", "Cancel", and "OK" buttons, and any changes you make to preferences aren't actually saved untli you close the window or click the "OK" button.

At some point prior to Thunderbird 68 the functionality for validating preferences before saving them was lost. This has now been fixed.

The progress bar, which was has not been particularly useful for a long time, is gone. Instead of a progress bar, Send Later now displays a status of "CHECKING" while it is doing its periodic check for scheduled messages. Note that this message has not yet been translated so at least for this release it will appear as "CHECKING" in all languages.

References to addons.mozilla.org have been replaced with addons.thunderbird.net throughout.

Versi 6.4.6 456.4 KiB Bekerja pada SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.53.*, Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Fix a bug that was preventing arguments to dynamic scheduling functions from working properly.

Versi 6.4.5 456.4 KiB Bekerja pada SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.53.*, Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

There are no user-visible changes in this release. It slightly modifies the format of the file used to export or import dynamic scheduling functions, to make them easier to maintain in a source-control repository or view in a text editor. The old export/import format continues to be supported.

Versi 6.4.4 456.4 KiB Bekerja pada SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.53.*, Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Make the dynamic function editor window resizable.

Fix the import and export buttons in the dynamic function editor, which were broken by an API change in Thunderbird 57.

Versi 6.4.3 456.3 KiB Bekerja pada SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.53.*, Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Fix how the scheduled date of messages in the Drafts folder is displayed so that the formatting obeys the current locale. For example, in the United States, the date should be displayed in MM/DD/YYYY format, while in the United Kingdom it should be DD/MM/YYYY.

Fix bug in date-picker for some older Thunderbird versions. The API in Thunderbird for formatting dates has been in a great deal of flux for the past several Thunderbird releases. Release 6.4.1 of Send Later was an attempt to make the date code in Send Later compatible up to Thunderbird 60.3.0. Unfortunately, although the changes did achieve compatibility with newer Thunderbird releases, they broke compatibility with older ones. This release attempts to address that.

Some versions of Thunderbird being used in a locale that uses UTF-8 (i.e., non-ASCII) characters were garbling the display of dates in the send button in the prompt window. This has been fixed.

The Turkish and Armenian translations have been updated, but are still incomplete.

Add some improvements to the Bulgarian translation.

Versi 6.4.1 456.2 KiB Bekerja pada SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.53.*, Thunderbird 32.0a1 - 60.*

Fix two problems with the date-picker widgets, i.e., the user interface elements in the compose window toolbar and Send Later pop-up dialog which allow you to choose the date for which to schedule the message:

  1. Send Later should now correctly obey the user's locale settings when determining the order in which to put the year, month, and day in the date-picker.
  2. The date-picker will now (I hope) work correctly in some locales where previously it didn't work at all.

The minimum compatible Thunderbird version for Send Later is now 32. Note that this was actually true before this release as well, but before, the minimum compatible version was incorrectly being specified as 25.

Translation updates:

  • Add a Bulgarian translation.
  • Finish the Czech translation.
  • Finish the Finnish translation.
  • Finish the Greek translation.
  • Finish the Norwegian translation.
  • Finish the Romanian translation.

I want to give a big shout-out to my translators!

  • Krasimir Stoychev (bg)
  • Vlasta Konvičná (cs)
  • Dtrieb from BabelZilla (de)
  • Erwin D. Glockner (de)
  • Dimitrios Patikas (el-GR)
  • urko from BabelZilla (es)
  • strel (es)
  • Samtron-Translations (http://translations.samipupu.com/) (fi)
  • Kari Eveli (fi)
  • Bigpapa from BabelZilla (fr)
  • Shai65 from BabelZilla (he)
  • HrantOhanyan from BabelZilla (hy-AM)
  • Cesare from BabelZilla (it-IT)
  • Amigomr from BabelZilla (ja)
  • Michael Murer (nb-NO)
  • markh from BabelZilla (nl)
  • Maciej Kobuszewski (pl)
  • Piotr Przybylski (Gabry$) (pl)
  • João Martins (Jonypokas) (pt-PR)
  • wetabax from BabelZilla (pt-PR)
  • Mikael Hiort af Ornäs (sv-SE)
  • Wang.H.K from BabelZilla (zh-CN)
  • Mike (zh-TW)