Minister Mario F. Stevenson


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Név Minister Mario F. Stevenson
Hely Phoenix, AZ
Foglalkozás General Partner; Plan Administrator; Emergency Manager
Ezóta tag máj. 2, 2009
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Most of us offer extensive support to programs and developers where needed in hope of future improvement to applications. In this instance, I researched fully supporting and joining Mozilla overall and the Thunderbird team to further improve application development.

However, the corporation Mozilla and current management as we are aware isn't the brightest, but beyond that, I questioned the lack of development support for applications and developers when the corporation showed revenue of +$600 mil from Google Corporation.

Concentration from the corporation merely was for Firefox as global user share at 73% - 82% dropped to a mere 12% to-date. Of course that's resulting from the fallout with Mr. Eich.

Since then, the corporation has maintained its 12% global user share which isn't enough to earn developers rent income and since the corporation has yet to offer developers additional means of earning income, I see no point in further trying to increase user share through promotion.

Last words and the Thunderbird Collection Suite is closed.

Thank you,

--- MMS

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Lightning QR Code Add-on

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SID} DTS-12312014:09:23] Review for Lightning QR Code Addon


Review for Lightning QR Code Addon

The addon had no problem during installation and works fine - as is. Impressive as it did capture most if not all the details of the event. Of course, the test was simple, but for this test all the details were captured. Test was performed using QR Droid on Samsung Galaxy Sii.

This is important when using QR Codes to transfer information such as scheduling because some applications only transfer metadata and not a summary of the details / notes.

Good job!]


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SID DTS-12092014:15:25] Review of ThunderSync 2.1


Review of ThunderSync 2.1

The function of the add-on may be the future replacement of LDAP! In this review, I'll explain how the function of the add-on can serve as a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) alternative. In-line, I'll also explain the difference between "directory" .vcf and "single file" .vcf options. This is a great add-on for the collection: IETE Thunderbird Collaboration Suite.

The add-on presented no problems during installation and once the add-on has been installed, the end-user would go to Add-ons / Extensions / ThunderSync / Options to configure the settings. The add-on will open-up to address books on the left and tabbed settings on the right. The export format has two (2) options: (i) directory .vcf or (ii) .vcf single files.

During synchronization, the export will either export all the contacts of the selected address book as single .vcf files or as one complete .vcf file. Before selecting the directory it's advisable to follow the tips below:
(i) Create a new address book for synchronization.
(ii) Select the primary address book and copy all to the address book details that will be used for synchronization into the newly created address book for synchronization.
(iii) Go back to the ThunderSync settings and for the export directory choose a cloud synced directory. Here we created and chose the directory LDAP; this directory is synced with one of our cloud providers: SpiderOak, because we can give specific access to parties by unique URL routed through AWS IAM policies. Also MS Windows has a limit on long filenames and SpiderOak doesn't. When contacts are ranging in the 100 thousands and millions, this becomes important.


_ Navigate to Options / Account Settings and deselect: Check mail at start-up.
_ Synchronize address book often.
_ Make sure view card files (.vcf) information is complete, otherwise it's poor (dirty) data.

(iv) Choose the options for Import in Thunderbird on Startup so that, contact information is shared the moment it's updated.
(v) Choose Interactive Synchronization for Standard Action.
(vi) Choose Export From Thunderbird on Shutdown.

The next statement is virtually the most important resulting function of the add-on: Since we chose SpiderOak, there's virtually no need for an LDAP host server and millions of contacts' information are regulated, updated and synced automatically across devices and platforms.

Update} 12272014:11:24]

We now use Box for Business for crypto commerce and overall design research and development. Although, it probably isn't necessary for use, Box does have a LDAP plugin. In any case, what will be looking for is ThunderSync to track files that have changed rather than trying scan and sync everything. We're now moving to more than 5k contacts and ultimately in the millions. Therefore, it's important for the add-on present an option: track for changes only.

_ SpiderOak removed due to numerous long-time fails;
_ OwnDrive managed by OwnCloud removed due to daily: domain can't be found.

Thank you,

--- MMS]


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LDAP - View Groups Members

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SID} DTS-12072014:12:51]


Review for LDAP - View Groups Members by diesmo

Perhaps this add-on isn't for TB 30+. When I installed the add-on and I hadn't seen the visual changes inferred on the website; I also attempted the installation three (3) more times. I found no change; there was nothing. So, unfortunately the rating reflects my experience.

Thank you.]


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WebApp Tabs

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DTS: 11302014-1033


RE: WebApp Tabs Review for Thunderbird

Starting off, I'm not quite sure why this add-on remains listed as "experimental;" it works with TB 31.2.0.

The add-on has exceptional usage and is why I added it to the Thunderbird Collaboration Suite by VOICE. When using the add-on, end-users can access the properties from add-ons / WebApp Tabs / options. End-user can add their most used websites including HTTPS to the menu list. Each added website creates an icon located in the upper-right side of Thunderbird. Tabs will scroll in the same manner as FFDE.

There are some websites that will not load because it may require Thunderbird passing the call to FF or the default web browser. Some XML applications look specifically for a browser agent and thus won't load in Thunderbird; it's simply web programming framework technology and not a bug in the add-on. Word to the wise, it's useless and doesn't make sense, to use the add-on to include social media or news websites because these websites in general are "badly coded" and are the worst coded websites on the Web.

--- I have nine (9) tabs:
_ ZNotes Forum;
_ Hellofax
_ Evernote
_ Debian's Administrator Handbook
_ Crytonator
_ Crypto-trade
_ Hashie
_ Brightbook Bookkeeping
_ BestChange

You'll notice most of these websites are HTTPS and none of them conflict. I once had my AWS console linked, but I now created a FFDE tab group, so there's no need. By the way, I use my Thunderbird Collaboration Suite by VOICE on a Gateway L2016U netbook; the entire collaboration suite is also cloud adapted with a remote LDAP. So if you have a faster machine and still have problems, don't blame the add-on nor the add-on developer (lol!)

Great Work!

--- MMS


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I have been using it so much that I have seemingly replaced Sunbird!

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (0.9).