Craig Snedeker

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Ainm Craig Snedeker
Leathanach Baile
Úsáideoir ó Aib. 22, 2008
Líon na mbreiseán 17 téama
Meánrátáil ar bhreiseáin an fhorbróra seo Gan rátáil fós

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My name is Craig Snedeker. I am 17 years old, and am the owner of I am a web and graphics designer and have had my first website in 2004 (or around there, I’m not totally sure). A few years later I started learning HTML and CSS. Since then I have been doing it professionally.

I am a Webs custom CSS template coder and make lots of templates people can use. I have a custom design service and get a lot of requests for custom templates. Even Webs CEO likes my work :D

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CSS Refresh

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works like a charm! Fantastic little plugin, thanks a lot for it! It really helps for non developing (Wordpress, MyBB, etc). Five stars from me.