Outlook 2013 blue

The blue color which is used on the outlook.com website.

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Dark Blue

Dark Blue Persona

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Dream of Waves

A subtle gradient of colors lighten up your browsing environment and keep you going. If your tired of mundane and drab, this is the persona for you.

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Brushed Metal - XP

A clean and simple brushed metal theme for Firefox.

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Blue Ocean Gradient

A simple and calm theme for your browser.

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Gruvbox Dark Thunderbird

Gruvbox dark theme for Thunderbird. Originally written for Firefox. Based on https://github.com/morhetz/gruvbox

Check out this theme for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gruvbox-dark-theme/

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Numix Blue (dark)

Numix background with some blue accents, optimized for use with dark OS themes

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Wood Horizontal.

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Hard Wood

A beautiful, simple theme based around a wood pattern.

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Classic Blue

My second persona. A beautiful blue gradient that will surely be a mainstay on your firefox main GUI.

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Dracula Theme for Thunderbird

Dracula theme for Thunderbird.

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Black by MaDonna

Designed by MaDonna

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Glass - Black

Simple clean glass effect with color accents.

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A dark fresh theme by neuro(drive).pro()

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White Glossy Look

White Glossy Look

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Lollipop Road

This persona is gentle transition of colors on a gradient that reminds me of an isle of lollipops. This gradient will not fight for focus against Firefox elements or web pages.

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Mac OSX Light

It's for those Mac OSX users that want just a slightly lighter interface. Enjoy!

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Windows 7 Basic

windows 7 basic theme

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Simple Orange (gradient)

Simple gradient from orange to white. Not distubing and easy to look at. http://www.bonoseo.com/

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Dark Carbon

Simple Dark Carbon Fiber Style

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