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I would like to like this extension, it's very close to what I need but it fails on a couple of critical issues that I suspect would be easy to fix.

1) When a quote is collapsed there is not enough context to understand what the replier is referring to. There is only one line of context. Often the 1 line of context is either empty, or has something meaningless in it such as "Bob said:" or "I disagree". Then I'm left wondering Bob said what? Or what did they disagree with? This forces me to manually expand the collapsed quote which is problematic for a few reasons. I have to use the mouse to click on a tiny + button which is awkward, it may expand into a large quantity of text which scrolls off the screen and which I don't need to fully re-read in order to recall the conversation, I just need a few more lines of context. In fact I find I have to expand the last quote so often the value of collapsing prior quotes is dubious. Plus the keyboard shortcuts aren't the most friendly so I end up using the mouse.

2) There is no user preferences. I'd really like to be able configure such things as the number of context lines, what level of quoting expand/collapse when a message is initially displayed, define my own keyboard shortcuts, etc.

It's so close to being really useful, but each time I try it I end up disabling it because it often requires more interaction from me while reading email than when it's disabled.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.9). 

Please try version 1.0 and check out the Customization section of the website.