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I am using it in a peculiar way, without LDAP (sic).It seems not be possible to disable completly the LDAP fonction, just for using local directory pictures and social networks' avatars. It works, but I am having an error pop-up message each time I launch TB: "error: can't find any LDAP server in adress book, please setup on first !"So close to the 5th star ! Another suggestion: add the posibility to choose to view pictures left, center or right in windows' messages.

EDIT: Works great with the new 0.9 version: no more pop-up error message. 5th star added :)

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.8). 

The addon is developed first for LDAP only, then add social network support later, however it seems social network is more attractive and I even think of renaming this addon :-)

Anyway disable the LDAP support in option thus remove the warning is easy and already done in change http://code.google.com/p/ldapinfo/source/detail?r=faee16174e60d28604af0b1f249199aa3b57036c

The option to view picture left/center/right might be lower priority and probably do in later version.