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Sea Fox

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Had a lot of hope in this to provide all that it said, all I saw under options were two checkboxes for hide Mail (which worked) and rearrange - which I dont know what it achieved as I ahad already rearranged..will gladly give stars if it does work for 2.46

Notepad (QuickFox)

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Was thinking of making the switch to FF yet again, and this seemed a handy way to sync notes, also installed XMarks because the dev insisted (be careful w XMarks - sync'd bms are public by default); did not sync at all in spite of forcing syncs; and lost many notes in the process. Back to a more reliable browser eco system - chrome with Text.

FF always had issues with sync, this time around with latest versions, nothing sync'd in 2 days, maybe bcoz they are migrating. Whatever, had it FF this time around.

Weather Underground (Forecast Plus)

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stuck at rotating icon during loading

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Duplicate Tab

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I would definitely prefer this to FF3's way of ctrl + mouse to tab area which works like crap.

Gonna try to edit the rdf. Never understood why the heck extension developers limit their target versions like this when they dont even know what the changes will be in the next version and this involuntarily render itself useless.

Shortcut Keys

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I've always wondered the same too...and why no one else seems to mind ! go figure...must be another one of those gnome compat the way preferences is on different menus in windows and linux..thanks for the ext !


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Very clean reader, love the way it looks (perfect for at work, where u dont want to look like yr browsing all the time), love the way it auto grabbed live feeds while others didnt, and love the way it doesnt store all the items under bookmarks.

Any chance of this skin for gmail too ??

Good work !! Thanks !!

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Better Gmail

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Thanks for doing what the PhD's at google werent able to...
Would be nice to have a macro to send a prescribed email to a preset group of 'poker today?' to 5 people, on demand, not scheduled. You're the only one who I could think who could do a decent job with this :)

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Enhanced Bookmark Search

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Just what Firefox was missing
Thanks !