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Excellent and much needed add-on. But... I have a similar problem to oscerl. I'd like to save "Show Columns" in the preferences - except there's no "Save" or"Cancel" buttons… so I can't save it. I also can't save the column layout using the "Apply columns to" as described, because the button for "Search List" isn't sitting properly; I can only choose "Folder" or "Folder and its children".

On Mac OS 10.8.

Edit following psoebr's reply:
Brilliant! Works perfectly for me now :) Thanks so much for such a rapid fix.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1). 

Hi Starlight. Thanks for reporting this bug as I haven't done extensive testing on a Mac. For now I've forced an 'Apply' button to display at the bottom of the options dialog in v2.1a which should be released sometime today. Clicking the 'Apply' button will save your preferences.

The 'Apply to...' context menu problem will take a bit more work and time. I'll mark it as an open bug.

Thanks again.

- psoebr