Rated 5 out of 5 stars

this works great but I would love to see a single button in the top menubar of the compose text window. Last colour just had an icon you select and it would pick up a colour that you always used for the reply. The way it is set up now it just uses an extra mouse click which slows you down marginally.

okay, I have been using this add-on for about a week and have an additional comment on this is why I have come back to edit my review which still remains as five stars.

I often reply to a text and answer questions throughout the text just by using a different text colour so when someone sends me an email I would just break it up with red text and answer the questions as they have written them. Always the text arrives in black and I will reply in red so I only have one colour option in the selection palette. To speed up the reply and avoid an extra mouse click each time I would like to make the following suggestion....

If you only have one colour that you use in your replies then it would be best if this were selected by just clicking the three pencil icon logo itself just once to bring up your colour automatically. At the moment I have to do press the three pencil icon logo and then select red (which is the only option) if I was using multiple colours then I would be happy for the multiple mouse clicks but when you only have one colour that you are using it shouldn't require multiple mouse clicks and it should just revert to your standard colour just by clicking the three pencil icon logo. This would speed up the replies marginally and avoid the requirement for double mouse clicks. The three pencil logo can stay where it is in the reply window, it works well where it is located and requires less mouse movement than the previous add-on I was using which was in the top of the menubar (last colour) I hope you consider these suggestions for what is a very valuable and much used feature