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This addon is even better than I first thought. I prefer to press the same key multiple times to cycle through variations of a letter (e.g. a, å, ä). This can be easily done with this addon. I end the cycle with two of the character for convenience. If I want to write two accented characters in a row, then I have to press left-arrow after typing the first character.

Here's my mapping for Swedish and Czech:
[ ["aa", "å"], ["aaa", "ä"], ["aaaa", "á"], ["aaaaa", "a"], ["cc", "č"], ["cc", "cc"], ["dd", "ď"], ["ddd", "dd"], ["ee", "é"], ["eee", "ě"], ["eeee", "ee"], ["ii", "í"], ["iii", "ií"], ["nn", "ň"], ["nnn", "nn"], ["oo", "ö"], ["ooo", "ó"], ["oooo", "oo"], ["rr", "ř"], ["rrr", "rr"], ["ss", "š"], ["sss", "ss"], ["tt", "ť"], ["ttt", "tt"], ["uu", "ú"], ["uuu", "ů"], ["uuuu", "uu"], ["yy", "ý"], ["yyy", "yy"], ["zz", "ž"], ["zzz", "zz"]]

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