Folders and Filters


Hide Duplicates From 'All Mail'

Hides duplicate emails from the 'All Mail' folder upon clicking on a result from Global Search, so that if one email is in both the 'All Mail' folder (e.g. of Gmail) and another folder (e.g. 'Sent'), it'll only show the email from the other folder.

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Added Nov. 8, 2023

Last selected message

The add-on remembers the last selected message in visited folders. After restarting Thunderbird, when we enter the previously visited folder, this message will be displayed, just like in Microsoft Outlook. Currently, Unified Folders are not supported

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Added Oct. 21, 2023

Filtered Folder to Favorite

Add filtered folders to favorites. You may lose your favorites. For those with many folders.

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Added Oct. 21, 2023

Group Favorite Folders

An extension for Thunderbird 115+ (Supernova) that groups and sorts favorites folders in the compact view.

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Added Oct. 16, 2023

selectAll Button

This Add-on installs a button on the mail toolbar that will when clicked select all messages within the folder.

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Added Aug. 2, 2023

If This, Then! - IFTTT connector

*Trigger 'If This Then That' by message filters.
E.g.: On email with the file attachment xyz.log, send from,
email body with text 'error 365', trigger action "error365" on IFTTT
IFTTT can push to web services, do home automation

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Added April 5, 2023

GMail Labels

Shows GMail labels in each message's headers panel. When using Thunderbird with a Gmail account, it is not possible to guess which Gmail labels a message was applied (and in which folders it can be found). This extension provides this information

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Added Feb. 12, 2023


An extension that auto-moves new emails in folders

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Added Feb. 5, 2023

Move Folder (context-menu)

Adds the "Move to" menu entry to the folders panel context menu, allowing to move a Local folder (and its content) to another.
This feature is similar to the native one within message(s) context menu ("Move To"), but it applies to the folder tree.

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Added Jan. 31, 2023


Moves email into Inbox/RemindMe folder, and moves it back into Inbox after chosen time.

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Added Jan. 28, 2023


With the filter function comes with thunderbird, all emails met rules will be moved to a specific folder. As time passed the folder would grew bigger and I wanted to put all emails into sub folders classified by year.

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Added Jan. 12, 2023

Empty Folder

Adds a keyboard action (Ctrl+Del) and a folder context menu to delete all messages in a folder. Has a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletions

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Added Dec. 19, 2022

Quick Filter By

A simple extension that sets the Quick Filter based on the selected message fields. You can filter by either selecting "Quick Filter By" in the message list context menu or simply by alt-clicking on the message's sender, recipient or subject text.

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Added Dec. 15, 2022

Thread in same folder

Runs after junk classification and filtering to make sure a newly-received message lands in the same folder as its parent in a thread.

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Added Sept. 22, 2022


Sort incoming mails into account folders based on the local part

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Added Aug. 3, 2022

Auto Mark As Read

Automatically mark incoming messages as read if they are in one of selected folders.
An attempt to revive & enhance 'Mark Junk Read' by Alex Cabal

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Added July 30, 2022

Archive 3 Month

Archive messages that are older than 3 months in inbox and sent folder

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Added July 18, 2022

Real sender of italian PEC

Shows real sender of italian certified emails (PEC) into the table that lists emails.

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Added June 17, 2022

Auto-Mark Folder Read

New messages can be automatically marked as read in common folders (e.g. spam, trash, drafts, templates).

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Added May 20, 2022

Send then Archive

Automates the process of archiving a message that has been replied to.

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Added March 29, 2022