Folders and Filters


Auto-Mark Folder Read

New messages can be automatically marked as read in common folders (e.g. spam, trash, drafts, templates).

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Added May 20, 2022

Send then Archive

Automates the process of archiving a message that has been replied to.

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Added March 29, 2022

CatchAll Bird

This extension improves the use of CatchAll-Addresses with Thunderbird.
It handles incoming messages addressed to all [email protected] for a fixed domain.
Incoming emails are automatically sorted into subfolders of INBOX identified by the prefix.

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Added March 21, 2022


Provides a keyboard shortcut (Shift + Alt + Delete by default) to move mail to its account's Trash folder, regardless of normal delete setting.

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Added Feb. 16, 2022

X-Original-To Column

This addon adds a new column called X-Original-To in the message list which shows the original recipient address of the message (the contents of the X-Original-To header). This can be useful for systems with catch-all email addresses.

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Added Jan. 31, 2022

RepSel: Reply to all selected mails

Reply to all selected messages with a single button press. E.g., compose a reply to all emails in a folder or those matching a search. Req. permissions: menues to add UI, messageRead to get sender, compose to add recipients, storage for settings.

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Added Jan. 17, 2022

Conscious ClickUp Save

Conscious ClickUp Thunderbird add-on is a extension that gives support to send/archive mails from Thunderbird to ClickUp project management platform (
For more info:

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Added Jan. 6, 2022

Auto Tag

Auto Tag is a Thunderbird addon that allows you to automatically assign tags to incoming emails. You can assign tags to individual e-mail addresses. After the tags are selected, they will be assigned to all new incoming mails from this sender.

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Added Dec. 12, 2021

Start with Inbox

Selects the latest message in the Inbox after start of Thunderbird.

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Added Nov. 9, 2021

Filter email folders

Filter mail folder tree by keyword.
For those with many folders.
This add-on was made based on `Hide Email Folders 3.0.0 [email protected]` and `Search Button 2.3.0 [email protected]`.

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Added Nov. 8, 2021

Message Filters Button U

Toolbar button to execute Run Filters on Message from Tools menu.

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Added Oct. 15, 2021

Filter Manager

Adds a Filters Button, opens Filter Manager

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Added Oct. 11, 2021


Lets you perform common email tasks using keyboard shortcuts.

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Added Aug. 24, 2021

Glodaquilla-NG: Email onDisk Status, Search/Index

Global Search/Indexing Enhancements/ On Disk Status for IMAP
Permits selective enabling and disabling of search indexing on folders or accounts - with inheritence. Extra columns can show whether a mail is stored on disk and its indexing status.

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Added May 9, 2021

Expression Search - NG

Expression Search - NG is an extension to Thunderbird which adds powerful message searching features.
Type "f:fred t:tom a:yes" to see messages from Fred to Tom that have an attachment.
Type "f:(oo -pp)" for messages by oo, but not pp.

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Added April 12, 2021

Message Mover

This add-on lets you move messages from a specific folder (and sub-folders) to a new folder.

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Added April 3, 2021


This add-on makes it easy to open folders on a file server.

In order to use the add-on, you need to install two things: the add-on and the linked app.
You can download the linked app from the following website.

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Added March 7, 2021

SPAM Check for OCN

- SPAM Header Checker for OCN(Japanese Internet Provider)
- This plugin looks at the header of the mail and assigns a "junk mail" mark.
- Only if the header (X-CON-SPAM-CHECK) of the mail is set to 100%, it will be marked as "spam".

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Added March 7, 2021

Archive old messages

A context menu item to archive all messages than older than a given duration.

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Added Feb. 12, 2021

Open in browser

A context menu item to open the links associated with news items in the default browser and then mark them as read.

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Added Jan. 24, 2021