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Copy Timestamp

Copies the timestamp of the current email to the clipboard in various formats. Useful when you need the time in ISO format, other country's format or you want to refer to it like a mail received AT and FROM "2023-05-14 23:59:59 [email protected]".

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Added May 12, 2023


Rewrite or generate text based on promps using OpenAI's API.

Configure on settings page (make sure to save) and start to use when writing your emails!

You must have API key for OpenAI (anyone can access GPT-3.5-turbo).

GPT is multilingual!

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Added May 11, 2023

uBlock Origin

Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. uBlock Origin (uBO) is a CPU and memory-efficient wide-spectrum content blocker that blocks ads, trackers, coin miners, popups, annoying anti-blockers, etc. in your feeds.

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Added April 28, 2023

Just Verify It

Just Verify It is a Thunderbird add-on that automates the scanning of email attachments with VirusTotal for malware. With over 50 antivirus engines, it provides reliable and quick results, ensuring the safety of your digital assets.

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Added April 21, 2023

InfoCodex DocSummarizer

Intelligent document and mail summarization tool based on the artificial intelligence of InfoCodex. Create better summaries chapter-by-chapter and tag them in your preferred language.

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Added April 13, 2023

New Bing Anywhere

New Bing isn't just for Edge anymore. Anywhere you want

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Added April 12, 2023

If This, Then! - IFTTT connector

*Trigger 'If This Then That' by message filters.
E.g.: On email with the file attachment xyz.log, send from,
email body with text 'error 365', trigger action "error365" on IFTTT
IFTTT can push to web services, do home automation

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Added April 5, 2023

ENEX Tools

Add import/export functionality of Evernote export file (enex).
* Load enex file and open message composition window with the note content
* Export messages to enex file which can be loaded by Evernote desktop client

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Added April 1, 2023


turns thunderbird into firefox (powered by mojeek)

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Added March 7, 2023

GrapeVine for Salesforce

Connects Thunderbird to

- Archive Emails from Thunderbird email accounts into Salesforce, automatically
- Synchronise Salesforce Contacts and Leads into Thunderbird's address book
- Create Contacts/Leads in Salesforce from emails

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Added March 5, 2023

Seafile Filelink2

Store attachments on a seafile share.

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Added March 4, 2023

Cypherdog Encryption

Encrypt any file, any text, and share via any medium, any time

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Added Feb. 28, 2023


Power Folder add-ons tool is used for large attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird extension.

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Added Feb. 22, 2023


Modern encryption in Thunderbird - powered by Rust, rage and WebAssembly

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Added Feb. 14, 2023

GMail Labels

Shows GMail labels in each message's headers panel. When using Thunderbird with a Gmail account, it is not possible to guess which Gmail labels a message was applied (and in which folders it can be found). This extension provides this information

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Added Feb. 12, 2023


An extension that auto-moves new emails in folders

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Added Feb. 5, 2023

Move Folder (context-menu)

Adds the "Move to" menu entry to the folders panel context menu, allowing to move a Local folder (and its content) to another.
This feature is similar to the native one within message(s) context menu ("Move To"), but it applies to the folder tree.

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Added Jan. 31, 2023

FDK KIM Plugin

Dieses Plugin setzt automatisch die KIM-Header und den Betreff passend zu ihrem Anhang.

Anhängen werden analysiert und falls genau eine valide p7s Datei erkannt wird, werden die entsprechenden Daten automatisch gesetzt.

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Added Jan. 31, 2023


Moves email into Inbox/RemindMe folder, and moves it back into Inbox after chosen time.

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Added Jan. 28, 2023

Additional Info for Simplelogin

For e-mails forwarded by Simplelogin, a pop-up displays the original sender of the e-mail, as well as the alias that the e-mail was sent to and the address that it was forwarded to.

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Added Jan. 24, 2023