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Quicktext was so far a really great addon and in review one of most valueable I've installed so far. For me it's broken for 2 months now and as I've seen for others too. Nevertheless I want to thank all members involved for sharing such a useful addon. Thank you!

A few days earlier I stumbled upon an alternative to Quicktext, which i can recommend everyone who is in need of such a great time saver.

It's called AutoHotkey for Windows and Autokey for Linux. It needs some configuration but it does the job same job (and much more if configured right).

For Linux use the package manager search for: Autokey-py3
For Windows is here the link: https://autohotkey.com/
For Mac I found also some web site which offer these apps.
Key word for searching is "auto completion" or "text expander".

Also two article from which you get more information about these kind of applications: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3171768/software-productivity/3-windows-text-expanders-that-take-the-tedium-out-of-typing.html

Hope it helps!

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Latest quicktext works with TB52 and TB60 again.