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Version 3.0.2 287.1 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.39, Thunderbird 9.0 - 42.*

  • [Bug 25688] 3.0.2 Hotfix
    Creating Filter on IMAP fails after 7 attempts. This can happen during when moving mails during the quickFilters assistant being active but in some cases (3.0.1) even when it is off. It is caused by the Message Database being locked during or after the move; this fix tries to extract the message header information (needed for filter creation) before the move operation is initiated.
  • [Bug 26110] 3.0.2 Hotfix
    Tag Listener repeats Assistant multiple times
    If the "Listen for Tag changes" option is switched on and the Filter Assistant is active, this can lead to the filter assistant window being opened repeatedly.

  • [Bug 26107]
    When copying / cut & pasting multiple filters, these are inserted in reverse order.
  • [Bug 26076] The filter assistant now supports the Context Menu Command "Move To Folder". Also supporting the Postbox specific quickfile panel.
  • Support for "brighttext" themes (Themes with dark backgrounds)
  • removed for..each..in to avoid unnecessary warnings in log window
  • Made delay for refreshing headers configurable - if there are problems creating filters on IMAP servers increase the configuration value extensions.quickfilters.refreshHeaders.wait

Version 3.0.1 287.5 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.39, Thunderbird 9.0 - 42.*

  • [Bug 26107] When copying / cut & pasting multiple filters, these are inserted in reverse order.
  • [Bug 26076]
    The filter assistant now supports the Context Menu Command "Move To Folder". Also supporting the Postbox specific quickfile panel.
  • Support for "brighttext" themes (Themes with dark backgrounds)
  • removed for..each..in to avoid unnecessary warnings in log window
  • Made delay for refreshing headers configurable - if there are problems creating filters on IMAP servers increase the configuration value extensions.quickfilters.refreshHeaders.wait

Version 2.9 284.7 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.39, Thunderbird 9.0 - 42.*

  • [Bug 25989]
    Premium Feature: Support Creation of Custom Templates
    A custom template is like a blueprint for generating new filters, and will be shown along with the other choices in the quickFilters assistant.

    To create a custom template:
    1. Go to quickFilters options (right-click the filter assistant button)
    2. Go to the Advanced Tab and after enabling [x] Custom Templates, click [Create New...]
    3. Enter the name of the custom template
    4. Edit the filter by selecting from the Custom Variables drop-down. This will create a new condition with a placeholder variable which will be replaced with the "real thing" when you create a new filter.
    5. Make sure you leave the label "quickFilterCustomTemplate: " at the start of the Template Name; this will ensure that it will be offered as choice the next time you create a filter.

    Some Detail:

    In Postbox / SeaMonkey there is no way to filter the list of filters (no search box), so when you click "Edit" beside Custom Templates, you may see _all_ filters in Local Folders. Just select the ones starting with "quickFilterCustomTemplate:" for editing.

    There is a default action of "Set Priority to Normal" as it is not possible to save a filter without any actions. Since incoming mail usually has normal priority I chose this as the lesser evil. This action will be removed and the standard action added instead: move to folder / or flag / tag as the mail that was moved / tagged when assistant was invoked.

    A typical example for a custom filter would be a filter template that moves all emails from a given domain (e.g. emails ending with @youtube.com). This can easily be created with the custom filter template and then invoked whenever a new filter has to be created.

    To create this the only thing you need to do is select Custom Variables > From > Domain of Email, and save the Custom Template. On filter creation, you will select the Template of the name you created and it would automatically create a condition "where From ends with @domainname", automatically filling domainname from the current email. If you want to hardcode other actions into the Custom Template u can do this as well, just remember to remove the "Set priority to Normal" action (unless you want to do this).

  • [Bug 26023] Template "Based on Recipient (To)" returns full lowercase address field
  • Postbox 4.0 compatibility added.
  • Postbox: improved event listener for dropping mails onto the folder tree.
  • Split run Filters Command into "folders" and "selected messages" - and created separate buttons.
  • Fixed: creating filters from multiple emails (e.g. "from group") by improving the way the moved messages list is processed.
  • Improved algorithm for determining the originating folder for moved mails.

Version 2.8 254.3 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.37, Thunderbird 9.0 - 38.*

  • [Bug 25863] Filter by 'Reply To' field - extensions.quickfilters.experimental.replyTo
  • [Bug 25893] Added Toolbarbuttons for QuickFolders' current folder bar
  • [Bug 25895] Option to uncheck "Apply filter when getting new mail"
  • add sliding notification after run filters command
  • [Bug 25912] Support adding subjects from multiple Emails

Version 2.7.1 248.6 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.30.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 34.*

  • [Bug 25876] Disable two way-address search selected the wrong condition:

    When Selecting the "Sender" template it used "To" instead of "From" from the left drop down. When Selecting the "Recipient" template it used "From" instead of
  • [FR 25875] Refresh+Focus Message Filters List after filter creation even if already open
  • [FR 25877] New option to automatically select merge instead of new filter. The merged filter will be pre-selected if there is already a filter doing the same action. There is also an option to skip this screen entirely (always merge when possible)
  • [Bug 25829] Pasting filters positions wrong when search box active. If the search box
    was used in the filter list, cut / paste did not insert the filters at the expected position (before last selected filter).
  • [Bug 25873] Postbox: Listen for Tag changes doesn't work. <br>
    Postbox has a different tag change listener, so it needed its own implementation for this.
    Once a tag is added and the assistant is active this will be picked up by quickFilters and the filter definition process is started.
  • [Bug 25874] Postbox: cannot merge 2 different filters, unless they are next to each other
  • Improved Folder context "Find Filter" Command behavior when multiple filters are found (Sm, Pb)

Version 2.7 237.5 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.28.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 32.*

  • [Bug 25737]Implemented a filter sorting feature like suggested at

  • [Bug 25812] Tool to find all filters that move mail to a specific folder.
    This will search all accounts for filters that would move or copy mail to the specific folder.

  • [Bug 25748] Automatic Refresh of Duplicate List:
    the duplicate search result list refreshes itself after you have removed the duplicate filters instead of
    having to manually close the window and perform a new duplicate search.

  • Postbox / SeaMonkey: Fixed insert position for cut/paste functionality

  • (Thunderbird / Postbox) Improved notification message for premium features

Version 2.6.1 227.5 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.27.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 31.*

  • [Bug 25802] After editing an existing Filter (Assistant with Merge), it should be selected in List
  • [Bug 25805] "Find duplicate attributes" tool now also matches target folders
  • Postbox: added "create filter from message" in thread pane context menu
  • "Remove duplicate condition" context menu command: Improved highlighting of duplicate matches in Filter Rules - on some systems the background gradient was not visible, so it now falls back to a plain red background
  • Completed Chinese translations for 2.6
  • The merge symbol (m+) which is appended to the name of a merged filter can now be modified using the config setting:
  • When displaying long folder names in duplicate search, these will be now cut off at the
    front (30 characters limit) to avoid an excessively wide duplicate list

Version 2.6 225.5 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.27.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 31.*

  • [Bug 25752] Added search options for specific filter attributes (Premium Feature)
    • Name: search for filter name (the conventional way)
    • Target Folder: If the filter moves or copies mail to a folder, searches these folder name for the term entered
    • Search Condition: Searches all filter conditions that have text, such as From, To, Subject, Body
    • Add Tag: Searches all Filters that add a Tag and searches the Tag for the term entered
    • Reply with Template: Searches all filters that reply mail. The subject of the template is searched for the entered term.
  • [Bug 25789] Added tool to detect duplicate conditions / actions. This lists filters that might do the same or determine conditions the same way (according to all text attributes that are searchable with the new search features from Bug 25752 described above)
  • added "from Domain" filter template
  • Fixed [Bug 25758] accounts without a from email address fail with error "idMail is null"
  • Added notification system for premium features
  • Added hidden switch extensions.quickfilters.showListAfterCreateFilter to disable showing list after editing filter rules

Version 2.5 200.0 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.27.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 30.*

  • (Thunderbird only) Added 2 new search methods: search target folder and search conditions
    (only text conditions such as Addresses or body, subject line) are affected
  • [Bug 25727] Allow to create Group Filter with "Create Filter from Message" menu
  • you can now cut / paste in the same account in order to move filters to a different position.
    Click on the filter where you want to insert the items.
  • Prompt for adding a customized subject to support email
  • Right-clicking on quickFilters button opens options

New Options
  • Added UI switches to support Postbox's quickmove feature
  • Switch for disabling Tag listener
  • Option to disable two-way addressing
  • Added a link for download / installing "Copy Sent to Current"

Version 2.4 188.2 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.26, Thunderbird 9.0 - 28.*

  • Fixed [Bug 25686] Cloning Filters fails with Non-String condition attributes. If a filter condition compares with read status or another non-string attribute (e.g. date, number of age in days etc.) the Clone will silently fail.
  • Added support for creating filters from virtual (saved search) folders
  • [FR 25691] Support for Postbox quickmove feature - also support the filter assistant when moving mail to a folder using the shortcut key [v]
  • Mostly fixed: [Bug 25688] Creating Filter on IMAP fails after 7 attempts - caused by missing msgDatbase on target folder. This will now only happen in Postbox, if the target folder is on a different IMAP account than the folder we move the email from. It should not be generated when you move the email to a different folder in the same account or to a local folder.
  • Postbox: [Fixed] Most Support Site links did not work.
  • Postbox: [Fixed] gFolderDisplay doesn't exist so selectedMessages could not be determined (Message > quickFilter: define Filter from message)
  • Postbox: [Fixed] Broken styling in Options dialog (Support links + Donate button) due to legacy display menu. Added legacy styles for Postbox.

Version 2.3 180.2 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.26, Thunderbird 9.0 - 28.*

  • Default "Target Folder" action to active when using context menu (create filter from message)
  • Added help buttons to filter list and filter assistant
  • Improved merging of filters
  • Bugfix: Postbox does not implement nsMsgFolderFlags

Version 2.2 177.4 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.26, Thunderbird 9.0 - 28.*

  • Implemented [FR 25668] - Allow "move to folder action" to be disabled. Automatically switches off "move to folder" in
    Inbox, Drafts, SentMail, Newsgroup, Queue, Templates.
  • Implemented [FR 25669] - Added a listener for adding Tags (keywords) to a Mail
  • Added an option to disable donation page after update. To disable, simply right-click the orange donation button on the bottom right of the preferences dialog.
    A confirmation message will ask whether the donation page shall be disabled.

Version 2.1 173.3 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.25a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 27.*

  • [FR 25627] - new Filter template: Group of People (add email-adresses from multiple mails)
  • [FR 25582] - Allow cloning Filters within the same Mail Account
  • improved function that copies filter conditions - copies used to be dependant on their originals
  • widened template list to avoid filter titles being cut off
  • Made debug options window (displayed when you right-click the debug checkbox) search box readonly to avoid accidentally changing unrelated settings.
  • fixed a problem in onCloseNotification - Postbox had trouble removing the sliding notification

Version 2.0 165.2 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.23a1, Thunderbird 9.0 - 25.*

  • Added a toolbar which shows the quickFilters commands: Copy, Cut, Paste, Merge, Start Assistant, and settings.
  • Added Postbox compatibility (still experimental)
  • Improved integration with QuickFolders
  • Compatibility change for Tb 24 / Sm2.17 (nsIMsgAccountManager.accounts changed from nsIMutableArray to nsIArray)
  • Added donate button to settings dialog

Version 1.8 149.1 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.19.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 24.*

  • french locale completed [thanks to Jojaba - BabelZilla]
  • [FR 25440] Added Cut, Copy and Paste to transfer filters between accounts. <br/>
    note: the target folders of filters are currently not changed, improvements around this are planned in a future release.
  • [Bug 25389] merging filters throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE - this can happen if there is an invalid action in a filter, please check debug log for more information
  • [FR 15388] Added "run Filters" command to folder tree menu
  • guards against not selecting enough filters before using the "Merge" command
  • some debugging improvements during createFilter

Version 1.7 138.3 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.18.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 19.*

  • [FR 25199] "Add Rules to existing filters". If a filter already exists in the account that does the same action (move to same folder, add a certain tag or set a certain priority) this will be detected and the conditions from the new mail can be added to the existing filter.
  • Existing filters with same action can now be merged together
  • Styling QuickFolders filter wizard icons with that of quickFilters assistant
  • Fixed [Bug 25362] If assistant button is removed from toolbar, starting filter assistant throws "TypeError: doc.getElementById(...) is null"

Version 1.6.1 129.0 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.17.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 19.*

  • [FR 24888] "Create Filters for messages that have already been moved" in context and message menu
  • additional filter actions: Copy tags, priority and star (flag in SeaMonkey)

    note: when selected, these will be copied independently of the used template.
  • improved version comparison algorithm to avoid too many version history / donation tabs when working on prereleases
  • Added sv-SE locale by Lakrits
  • Changed defaults for naming rules: now the parent folder is prepended rather than appending the keyword by default
  • [FR 25321] Option to start Filter Assistant automatically<br/>
  • Fixed size for large icon mode
  • Improved contrast of filter activation icon

Version 1.5.1 118.8 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.14.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 17.*

  • Fixed [Bug 25203] "Error when adding a filter if Message Filters window is already open"
  • [Bug 25204] Added Enhancement: "Allow location-aware dragging from within virtual folder" - it is now possible to create a new filter when dragging an email from a saved search folder or from the unified Inbox / unified Sent folders.
    <br>To get the same functionality in QuickFolders (when dropping mail onto a QuickFolder tab), please also install its latest version (QuickFolders 3.8.2.)

Version 1.4 118.0 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.13.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 17.*

  • show homepage on first installation
  • auto-install of toolbar button
  • added a toolbar button for running filters on message folder
  • fixed height issues on the assistant notification box
  • added french locale (thanks to jojoba from Babelzilla)
  • added simplified chinese locale (thanks to Loviny - WIP)
  • fixed support buttons: removed hrefs from text links on last options tab

Version 1.3 105.0 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.12.*, Thunderbird 9.0 - 15.*

  • first application for full review (112 users)
  • added filter name rule settings: [x] parent folder's name, [x] 1st filter condition
  • added SeaMonkey support (postbox still outstanding as I am awaiting a reply from their development team)
  • converted preferences dialog into a tabbed one
  • fixed broken version history link when right clicking the version number on the options dialog