Extensiones más recientes


Jens Theme

Just a theme to enjoy in Thunderbird

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1 usuario
Agregados Sept. 3, 2023

Dark Wood Bird

Un thème bois sombre avec logo Thunderbird

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3 usuarios
Agregados Sept. 3, 2023


Synthwave Gradient for Thunderbird Email

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6 usuarios
Agregados Ago. 29, 2023

Dark electric violet

Dark and violet theme for Thunderbird by Stonymontana

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1 usuario
Agregados Ago. 28, 2023


Summersmile adds a lively flair to Thunderbird with a sunny yellow background, playful smiley graphics, and a "sunshine and smiles" theme that refreshes your email experience.

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1 usuario
Agregados Ago. 22, 2023

Valorant Red

A Thunderbird theme version with custom 'Valorant'-red CSS

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4 usuarios
Agregados Ago. 16, 2023

theme kian

best for your tool bars

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8 usuarios
Agregados Ago. 15, 2023

Real System Theme

Theme that really follows system colors for Thunderbird 115+.

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27 usuarios
Agregados Ago. 4, 2023


Extended Version for Ultrawide Monitors

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5 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 24, 2023

Rose Pine Dawn

A theme based on the Rose Pine Dawn color scheme (https://rosepinetheme.com/)

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21 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 23, 2023


Dark Theme CR style Win11 for New Thunderbird 15.

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8 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 19, 2023

Shirasu Azusa Theme

Adds theme of Shirasu Azusa from game called Blue Archive.

Anime, Blue Archive, Cute, Dark, Game, Shirasu Azusa

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2 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 18, 2023

New Dark Bird

A Thunderbird theme with the new Thunderbird Logo.

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66 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 18, 2023

Tiger eyes turquoise (light theme alt)

A light theme of a gray toned tiger with turquoise eyes.

This is a modified version of the theme "tiger eyes light blue" from AmSumz.

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15 usuarios
Agregados Jul. 12, 2023



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7 usuarios
Agregados Jun. 28, 2023

Muted Sage Gruvbox Dark

Muted Sage Gruvbox dark theme for Thunderbird.
Forked from calvinchd's gruvbox dark theme.

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41 usuarios
Agregados Mayo 10, 2023


A faithful port of the original Cobalt2 theme by Wes Bos.

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54 usuarios
Agregados Abr. 5, 2023

Endless Stars

My first Endless Stars Thunderbird Theme with Twinkling Stars. The only thing missing is the falling star animation.

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90 usuarios
Agregados Feb. 11, 2023

SpaceShaman Dark

Step into the dark side of the force and discover the secrets of the cosmos without the risk of eye damage!

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24 usuarios
Agregados Feb. 2, 2023

Colourful Bubbly

Based on Chromatic Flecks but as a 'light' theme

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31 usuarios
Agregados Ene. 28, 2023